Archana Kanaujiya

Archana Kanaujiya

Thnku mam aapki batye hue sabhi exercise bhut efective hote h or mera Wight tha 58 K.g apki exercises follow krke Maine weight loss kr liya h or ab mera weight h 53.... Thnku so much mam I love u

Priya Gupta

When it comes to weight loss, exercise and the right diet is your best friend. If you haven’t exercised for a long time and are very out of shape, start out by exercising for just 10 minutes a day and follow the diet properly. you will be amazed to see the results.

Soniya Arya

I am so happy!
I love my new look!
Suman mam made it all possible and impossible to make me hold myself in hands and stick to all the workouts and diets!

Without you, I wouldn't be able to make it! Thank you so much Mam...

Preeti Dixit

I completely changed my shape. What I mean by this is not only did I manage to lose weight, but also managed to change my overall appearance. Suman Mam’s team is really dedicated about losing weight. They help us with every single question. If anyone wants to lose weight of course there is nothing better than the Indian way of dieting with yoga or workout. There are so many thoughts behind it that make it really good. You just need to trust them and do what they tell you and you will be amazed how good it can work over time if you do it right."

Abhay Singh

Suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis since 12 years! I thought it was incurable until I met Suman Mam, She is a great doctor and I had been following her for last 4 months. Her treatment did wonders in my life. Now no one can tell me that this disease is incurable anymore. It took just 4 months to get rid of Rheumatoid Arthritis without any medicine.