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Mudra Yoga: Yoga Mudra is a practice which involves the application of mudras or postures. The word mudra means, ‘a seal.’ Mudras are used to focus and channel our energies for different purposes.

A mudra technique can be used just as you wish, at any time during the day-while travelling in buses/trains, long waits in queues or traffic jams, during an exam or just before commencing with any work that requires concentration to break your daily routine.

Since each chakra has its own function and duties within our system, it also corresponds to a particular form of energy that influences a certain group of organs and limbs.

For example: Manipura Chakra is associated with our digestive system therefore all gastric problems arise from the under-functioning of this Chakra.

When a chakra is balanced, life force energy flows freely throughout our body and we are healthy and happy. So by accessing these Chakras at different times during the day, we can re-energise ourselves from within.

Since mudras have been used for thousands of years to connect with different parts of the body, it is easy to use them as:

1) Bandha (binding):

To draw spiritual or pranic energy to certain parts of the body or may be binding them down within certain parts; like using Omkara bandha which binds all prana at Muladhara Chakra and Agna bandha which binds all prana in manipura Chakra.

2) Neti (nasal cleansing)

For relief from blocked nose or sinusitis.

3) Nauli (abdominal massage)

Used to relieve constipation and for detoxification of the digestive system by cleaning it from within.

4) Danta Dhauti (teeth cleansing)

This helps keep your teeth clean and prevents tooth decay and bad breath.

5) Trataka

To focus on any point in front of you and relax and rejuvenate your eyes by not exposing them to external light sources immediately after closing the eyes.

Mudras accessed through our visualization can be even more powerful than those used physically as we can access parts of our body which we might otherwise find difficult to reach such as our hearts or navel centers.

6) Meditation

Mudras can be used to enhance your meditation. For example, the palm mudra resembles the Vajrasana (thunderbolt pose). The index finger symbolizes Ajna (third eye) Chakra and the thumb represents Sahasrar Chakra (crown chakra).

Meditating with these fingers touching each other stimulates both of these chakras. Or, if you wish to concentrate on your heart center or Anahata Chakra, you may sit in Vishnu mudra with hands resting on thighs and palms facing upwards along with proper posture for meditation.

As yoga is a way of life, all mudras help us stay healthy by balancing our.

The most potent healing mudras and their effect on the body

Our bodies’ energies are very strongly influenced by the human body. Symptoms are caused by energy imbalance in many organs which are balanced with mudra and prana. In fact yoga mudras are powerful tools for recovery. Here is a list of the popular mudras with photos.

Here Are Some Mudras For You

Mudra Yoga

Gorilla mudra

This mudra is executed by making a fist with your hand and extending your thumb out. It reduces stiffness of the wrists, fingers and arms if practiced for 5 minutes daily or atleast 2-3 times in a day.

Pashinee mudra

This is done by joining tip of your index finger to the tip of middle finger like in Namaste Mudra (you may use both hands to touch the tips of the thumbs and ring fingers together lightly with extended palms facing down). It gives strength to our heart center (Anahata chakra) which deals with emotions, love etc.

Mudra Yoga

Nadi Shodhana mudra

Lie down comfortably on your back with hands resting on abdomen or legs. Close your eyes and visualize energy flowing between muladhara chakra to manipura chakra at the navel center.

Vipareeta Karani mudra

Imagine you are standing on a ladder, one leg is folded beneath you while the other is stretched out in front of you. This mudra helps blood circulation.

Mudra Yoga

Vishnu mudra

Place your right hand behind your back with palm facing upwards and fingers pointing downwards, so that all the fingertips touch each other (or if sitting place both hands on thighs).

Now turn your hand so that it is facing downwards with index finger touching the base of thumb (thumb resting under ring finger).

This helps concentration & meditation.

Shuni mudra

Stretch out your tongue as far as it will go, then press the tip to the roof of your mouth.

This helps to cure throat problems.

Mudra Yoga

Moola bandha mudra

Pressing your heel towards anus, hold the big toe with index finger and thumbs. This is little tricky & you may not be able to do it immediately but will improve with practice.

You can do this while practicing pranayama also (means by holding breathing process).

Yoni mudra

Place hands on thighs with palms facing upwards. Widen your feet to hip width apart, bend down and touch your knees with your forehead (or as close as you can).

This mudra brings balance in our sexual center (Swadhishtana Chakra) which is considered the root chakra for sexual energy.

Mudra Yoga

Ganesha mudra:

Bend both middle fingers together at their base until they touch the palms; keep all other fingers extended. This helps reduce stress & mental imbalances because it stimulates upper part of brain called the cerebrum which controls thinking, reasoning etc.

Gurudev mudra:

This is done by pulling back your thumb and forefinger into a fist while leaving the remaining fingers extended. It gives strength to our earth center (Muladhara chakra) which deals with purity, instincts, security etc.

Anjali mudra :

This can be practiced in many ways like joining palms together or folding hands but here I am giving description of simplest possible way by placing both palms on chest, near heart center & extending all fingers outwards toward the other person.

This mudra represents love & connection among us & higher forces. Energy flows between our heart center (Anahata Chakra) where we express love to others through selfless service (Gurudev).

Mudra Yoga

Prana mudra:

Hold your palms together in front of your chest. This reduces sinus, cold & headaches.

Lagali mudra:

In this mudra one hand is kept on top of another, palm facing upwards.

Both the hands are parallel to each other touching at the tips of index finger & thumbs (you can make a fist with your hand but keep the thumb folded).

This mudra is practiced especially during japa (chanting) or any kind of meditation; it is said that it helps control breathing process by reducing tiredness and giving strength to our controlling center (Manipura chakra), which deals with emotions like confidence, determination, power etc.

Apana mudra :

To practice this mudra relax your body completely. Now slowly raise your left arm over your head while keeping right arm on hip so that left hand touches right elbow crease near armpit.

This will help to reduce problems like constipation, indigestion etc.

Mudra Yoga

Tripataka mudra :

Sit in any meditative posture keeping your hands on knees (palm facing upwards). Now bring your palms together; place right hand’s thumb on top of left hand’s pinky finger and back of each palm touching the other one.

This helps activate the energies around heart chakra (Anahata) which deals with love & increases ability for selfless service (Gurudev).

Hiranya mudra :

Join all fingers together to form a closed fist except the index fingers which are kept straight without curling up or down.

Touching two fingertips together also means holding onto ego so this should be practiced only when you have enough spiritual knowledge & experiences.

This mudra helps activate the upper part of throat chakra (Vishuddhi) which deals with expression, understanding etc.

Vayu Mudra – Mudra of the air element

This mudra helps balance air elements in your body. Soojin Lee Vayu. This mudra can be beneficial for Vata bodies and relieves a number of pains such as sciatica or arthritis.

Gyana Mudra or Chin Mudra – Mudra of Knowledge

Chin mudra, also known as gyana Mudra, is a very well-practiced yoga mudra It is the widely used Mudra among yogis. It’s possible to practice any of these mudras at any point in time – most commonly with pranayama and meditation.

How does yoga mudra work?

Using acupuncture and medellin acupressure to alter energy in your body, a yoga muddra is used for energy transfer and reconnection in all body parts. Since hands contain the acupuncture meridians, they are viewed as a body’s control panel. Five hands represent five elements of the body Pancha Mahabhuta – fire, air, sky and earth.

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