Buffalo Hump neck exercises

Buffalo Hump Neck Treatment : 5 best exercises

Without any doubt, the hump neck is one of the biggest disgraces on the personality. The hump which is located behind your shoulder is known as the buffalo hump. It is categorized as the buildup of fat below your neck. A neck hump can be associated with various medical diseases.


What is a buffalo hump neck?

The hump has developed fat behind your neck. Not all the time, but this condition is severe for both men and women. A hump can be because of the curvature in the spine. So, if you observe any physical changes to the back of your neck, you should consult your doctor.


Reasons for hump behind the shoulder

Due to numerous medical conditions, a hump will raise behind the shoulder. The reasons are:


  • Any side effect of the prescription medication
  • Cushing’s syndrome in which the body has an excess of the hormone cortisol
  • Osteoporosis (this condition results in thin bones)
  • The use of a steroid for the long term

Apart from it, if you have sitting work, you may also experience the neck hump. All you need to do is perform the activities regularly to get the correct posture. But, there are several exercises that you can do to reduce your neck hump.

Additionally, here are some exercises that will help you get rid of the problem of the neck hump.


Exercise-1 for buffalo hump neck


Hump neck exercise 1.jpg

In this exercise, keep your hand straight and join your thumb with each other. It is like trapping one thumb in another. Further, bring your hand in an upward direction and go back. After that, do the same steps and consider ten minimum repetitions.


Exercise-2 for buffalo hump neck


Hump neck exercise 2.jpg

For this exercise, you require two towels and make the roll of these towels. Keep this roll on the ground and lay down in the situation where your hump should be on the towel. After that, keep your hand a little bit up and breathe normally and stay in this position for ten seconds.


Exercise-3 for buffalo hump neck




Lay down on the mat and keep your hand straight. Move one hand back to the head slowly and then back. The same step you need to do with your second hand. Due to it, you will feel a stretch in the upper muscle of the waist. If your muscle is strengthened, you may experience a reduction in the hump. Do this exercise at least ten times with each hand.


Exercise-4 for buffalo hump neck



Your position will be the same as in exercise three. But keep your elbow as shown in the picture. Press your elbow like you are pushing the floor. Press the floor with the elbow for ten seconds. Apply the pressure as much as you can. Perform this exercise at least five to ten times for sure.


Exercise-5 for buffalo hump neck



Last but not least, in this exercise, sit relaxed and spread your hand in the forward direction. Further, bring your hand in a backward order in a quiet position. Additionally, move your thumb in the backward direction. By doing this exercise, your muscles will be strengthened. With the help of this exercise, you will be able to get the correct posture.

So, these are the exercises you need to consider if you are stressed because of your neck hump. Make sure that while doing work, keep your posture straight. In other words, sit in a straight posture. You need to change your habits and turn your spare time the wrong way.

In the end, do not worry about your neck hump when you have the exercises as mentioned earlier. All you need to do is spend quality time doing all these exercises at least ten times. You will indeed observe the change.


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