Remove Dark Circles

How To Remove Dark Circles At Home: 1 Of The Best Way To Remove Dark Circle

If dark circles have come under your eyes, you have tried different kinds of home remedies and facials, but it is not removed.

Black circles are seen very much under the eyes.

You are fed up. Then, today’s blog is for you.


When dark circles are seen under our eyes, it comes for different reasons like scarcity of iron, comes due to improper food, and inadequate sleep.

This means, due to lack of nutrition, dark circles come.

Some people don’t drink enough water, this is also a reason.

One more reason is if your kidney is having any problem.

If your kidney isn’t working well, this also can cause dark circles under the eyes.

The dark circles and wrinkles that come under the eyes are related to our stomach, kidney, and liver.

If our stomach isn’t well, the digestive system isn’t working well, gas produces, bloating produces, different problems seen, for these wrinkles shown here and dark circles will be seen in this area(upper area).

If you have a problem in the liver, dark circles will be seen in a little lower area or on both sides.

If you have a problem in the kidney or only in the kidney then dark circles will be seen till this area(much far down the eyes).

Lines will also be seen.

How To Remove Dark Circles

That’s why I am telling you, the reasons I have already told for that you have to sleep well and eat better food.

You can do this easily by fixing your time and taking proper sleep.

Change the food if you aren’t taking proper nutrition.

dark circles

But what if you have a problem with the kidney?

I am telling some exercises for that, very simple exercise.

You can do these easily in your home.

Let’s see the exercises:

First Exercise:

Dark Circles

At first, sit being relaxed and take 8 to 10 long breaths.

Like take a deep breath and exhale, do again the same.

Then catch your earย from the middle point and lightly and pull a minimum of 3 times.

Pull 5 times if you feel good.

Second Exercise:

Now pull 5 times upward and 5 times downward.

Then 5 times move. First backward, You will feel good when you will do this.

You heard about acupressure point, we have that point in our ears.

If you do exercise for your ears, if you move this way kidney will stimulate and the kidney will start working better.

First clockwise and then anticlockwise.

Then close your ears and attach backward.

Do this 5 times.

Isn’t it easy?

You have to do this exercise twice a day.

When you see dark circles have been less or removed totally, you can stop doing this.

Third Exercise:

Dark Circles

Next, I am telling you another one. Make a fist of your hands.

This is also for the kidney.

Make a fist of your hands and touch it behind your waist, The spine you have in the middle, put the fists touching the spine.

Keeping the fist, do like you massage your waist.

Up to down, till the lines where your hand reaches.

From up to the down of your reach.

Do a minimum of 10 times at a time, like if you do in the morning, do this 10 times.

Do this daily if your dark circles aren’t removed.

And you have tried many remedies.

If you have problems related to kidneys, that will be removed and dark circles will be removed. You can also use green tea for dark circles.

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Stay healthy, stay safe and be happy.

how to remove dark circles wth home remedies, vitamin e.

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