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How To Cure Nails Health: Simple Ways To Get Beautiful Nails

Nails health: Neat and tidy nails depict your hygienic conditions, along with that they reflect your health as well.

How can you get beautiful nails?


If your nail has white marks on it then your body might be deficient of calcium or any other mineral. If your nails break down easily then your body might be nutrition deficient. If your nails are getting broader and curvy then your lungs might have a problem. If your nails suddenly appear darker.

Then there might be a possibility that your skin is facing an issue and you need to consult a doctor. So did you get that the health of your nails affects your overall health. So letโ€™s see how you can take care of your nails. To have the pinkish glow for your nail bed.

In today’s blog I will be talking about the steps to take care of your nails just by sitting at your comfort and keep them absolutely clean. There are many blog already available out there. But here I will be sharing something very different with a different thought process.

If you ask the definition of healthy nails to a dermatologist. Then he would tell you about 6 attributes.

The very first attribute of healthy nails is they look shiny. Number 2 they are flexible that is they don’t break easily. Number 3 they have pink nail bed and also they have a nail plate. Free nails are of white color and the cuticles are absolutely intact.

When God made this body he sealed the nail cuticles so that the bacteria or infection do not enter inside. But nowadays we push the cuticles backwards and create a gap to take off the dead skin. Please try to understand.

There is a problem in your cuticles or if you use a wrong product or if your cuticles are dehydrated. Then you require to trim that area. Otherwise this is not a requisite. It’s not required girls. Your cuticles might get dehydrated if you do not drink enough water. That too can be fixed.

If you start pushing your cuticles the nail at that place will start getting hampered. And it’s very difficult to fix as the skin of your cuticles is not normal.

So please make sure not to push your cuticles if your nails are absolutely healthy and also don’t allow the person in parlour do that.

What needs to be done in order to have healthy nails?


Diet. Always, if you are not healthy from inside then whatever you do externally will not work. What should be included in diet? There should be biotin in your diet. Your nails and your hair are made up of same protein.

So as much as keratin is needed by your hair same is needed by your nails. However they are quite dead and do not revert back easily.

That is why we need to take strict measures for nails that’s all. You have to intake zinc, Biotin, Iron, Magnesium in your diet.

If you take care of these things in your body and are well maintained. Your nails will never trouble you. In this blog I will also talking about yellow nails, brittle nails, breakable nails and many more types of nails.

Now I will be talking about keeping your nails clean. We wash utensils, we wash our clothes, we mop the floor. So our nails look very bad.

Firstly you should have the intention how to make your nails look good and healthy. You will take the efforts accordingly. You will wear gloves while washing and secondly be thoughtful of all the activities.

So that your nails do not break. If you have time then do everything properly as being told. And you are going to have amazing results.

Do you want long and beautiful nails:

For step 1 remove the nail paint and also all the accessories in your hands. Post that, take a bowl and add lukewarm water to it.

You don’t have to take hot water or cold water but lukewarm water. Squeeze half a lemon into the bowl. Add shampoo to it.

After that dip your nails into the water, if the bowl is bigger then dip entire hands no problem at all.
Lemon removes all the yellowness in your nails. It’s an acid due to which it will clean any kind of bacterial infection. Shampoo has cleaning properties due to which it cleans everything properly.

Also shampoo is dehydrating as I have told you many times. So your skin will also get dehydrated. Keep your hands for 10 minutes into the bowl and not more than that. And wash off your hands properly.



After that clean your nails with lemon itself. Reason being if any of the product build up takes place on the cuticles then it will give us problems. So wipe off your nails. After that take a toothbrush and clean your nails using a toothbrush.

Now this is the major and huge thing that I can tell you to take care of yourself. To keep a separate toothbrush for your nails. Because longer the nails more is the possibility of accumulating germs. So whenever you wash your hands, clean nails using a toothbrush so that there is is no deposition.


You can follow this as well. After cleaning your nails using a toothbrush, wash your hands,. Wipe off your hands and nails using a clean towel. Your nails and your hands will breathe properly. After that you can see that the sides of nails looks dehydrated. Because shampoo is a dehydrator.

So it will absolutely dehydrate your skin. But it’s a good thing because you can see the dead skin now. You can now trim it and absolutely clean it.

Now you can see that your cuticles have been absolutely pushed forwards. So you have to push them slightly using a wooden brush.

Pushing does not mean creating a gap there. You will need to practice for this, do not start immediately. This is almost like a sword as you might have seen siblings fight with this. So please push it slightly and that’s all. Do not create a gap, got it?

Now we have fixed the cuticles. We have to remove the dead skin. Our hands will look healthy and good also. But to make them look more better we will use petroleum jelly which ever you have. Massage it properly You don’t have to do this daily.

Once in a month is sufficient. Massage your nails properly and then let it be. You can massage your entire hands. Do it for your nails or your entire hands, itโ€™s your call. After that wipe it off properly and let them be. Your hands will feel so soft that you won’t believe them that they are your own hands.

Healthy Nails and Soft Hands:

Your hands will become perfect and your nails will become very healthy. Look at them they are absolutely flexible and healthy and absolutely fine. If you do not have petroleum jelly then you can use olive oil, it will obviously be sticky as it’s an oil.

But will do the same work, it will soften your hands.


You will get amazing results. Many people will interject that we should moisturize our nails after filing them. Try this out once, first moisturizer nails and then fill them. You will require less efforts and also you will get the desired shape.

If you have brittle nails then you can use buffer instead of filer. Buffer works smoothly. It buffs the nails and skin as well so your nails become very healthy.

Now your nails have become absolutely clean, healthy and moisturized. They will look beautiful.

Having completed with all the processes you can use any nail paint you want. And you can enjoy your beautiful nails. You will gradually see that the thing you will take care of will revert you for sure.

When you do all these things your nails will become absolutely healthy. You will become very much comfortable for all these processes. At first you will find this very much tedious.

But gradually when you will see the difference that your hands are looking clean.

And you are feeling confident about it. You will continue this for sure. I told you that healthy nails reflects your hygienic condition and overall health. Take care of your internal body as well.

Vitamin C, Zinc and minerals are very important. You have to take all these things. So please stuff yourself with good things and your external body will obviously abide by it. Now let’s talk about those person’s nails who suffer internally.

If your nails break easily or tear up like a paper. If you belong to that category Then take a garlic clove, crush it slightly. Apply all the juice on your nails properly and keep it on your nails. Okay? When the juice dries up wash off your hands.

Your nails will grow faster and brittleness will also get cured.

This is a very good way but it’s a bit smelly. If your nails has any sort of discoloration like yellow or orange. You should apply lemon juice as it’s a bleaching agent that fixes discoloration. Not only nails but you can fix your hands also.

Do not forget to moisturize as your skin and nails will be dehydrated. So use moisturizer for sure. If your nails are very tough and appears dull. Dip your nails in olive oil for 5-10 minutes and massage them properly.

As your hair becomes healthy with olive oil, nails will also become softer. They will not be very tough. You will feel your nails very good.

I’ll be bringing more such beautiful topics for you. I hope you are enjoying my efforts. Don’t forget to like and share the blog. Feel free to write your thoughts and your feedback regarding my blog in the comment section. I love to read your comments.

Thank you so very much for being here I love you all. Take good care of yourself, be happy and stay safe.

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