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List of 4 Asanas to get rid of the back pain or Sciatica problem

The sciatica problem is one of the common problems among the masses. Due to the back pain, they cannot even concentrate on their work and complete it on time.


What is sciatica?

It is essential to understand the problem of Sciatica. Let’s discuss this problem:

It is nerve pain that is because of irritation to the sciatic nerve. You may feel pain in the buttock and gluteal area. The sciatica is the nerve that is the longest and thickest. There are several reasons behind sciatica pain, which are in the following ways:


Reasons of Sciatica

There are numerous medical reasons associated with the problem of sciatica which is below-mentioned:

When the sciatica nerve becomes pinched, sciatica occurs. The herniated disk does it in your spine. Additionally, the nerve can be compressed because of a tumor or damaged with diseases such as diabetes. 



If your person has the problem, he can fully recover from it without any requirement of treatment. If you have the following symptoms, you need medical treatment.


  • If you experience the lack of feeling in the affected legs
  • Weakness in affected legs
  • Loss of the bladder infection

Apart from it, with some asanas, you can easily cope with this problem or get rid of lower back pain. Now your question will be: what sort of asanas? Here is your answer:



There are some different ways to perform the markatasan. Here are those ways:



If you have unbearable pain, you need to do this slowly. First, lay down on the mat and bend your knees. Further, keep your hand straight and join both knees. After that, take a breath and tilt your knees opposite to your head. All you need to do is inhale and tilt your knees.

Do this asana for at least two to three minutes. But consider your comfort level as your priority.   



In this type, your position will be the same as in the first but open your legs. Further, inhale and tilt your leg and exhale when you return to a simple position. After that, keep one of your legs over another leg. Further, follow the tilting step. 

In the next step, keep another leg on another leg and follow the same step. After that, you need to do this for three minutes. This is a second way that you need to consider to get rid of the back pain. 



Your position will be the same, but place your left leg on the right leg. After that, tilt your leg opposite to your hand position. Do this at least for three minutes.



Now, place both of your hand’s straights. In this asana, you need to inhale and bend your waist from the middle. You may feel a little bit stretch to your back and exhale, then bend your waist in an upward direction. Do this exercise ten times in an upward direction and ten times in a downward direction. This asana makes your spine flexible. 



Sit in the position of Vajrasan with your knees and spread your claws in a backward direction, and sit on your feet. Further, open your knees and bend with the help of your hands slowly. Touch your head with the floor. Keep in this position for one minute and breathe normally.



Sit and touch your hands with the ground and make the distance between fingers. Further, lift your back in an upward direction and stretch it completely. Do this exercise three to five times. 

So, these are some asanas that you can perform to get rid of the lower back pain. If you have unbearable pain, you need to consult a doctor. 


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