Best Sleeping Position : Which Position is Best for Sleep to Cure many Diseases

I will tell you sleep position by which you can cure 50% of diseases, like headache or concentration problem, forgetting small things, being angrier, pain in waist and stomach, energy level low, being fat day by day, fat tummy day by day, too thin body, and more several diseases. Some have pain in the neck, do you know these diseases may develop for sleeping in the wrong position.

If you sleep in the position as I will tell, 50% of diseases will be cured automatically. Do you know, if you sleep as per your wish and don’t sleep in the right position, then your brain may damage forever? Forever is rare but you have seen many people lose their memory and forget small things.

They forget so much that the brain is hemorrhaging. This may happen due to the wrong sleeping position. If you want the details of how you should sleep, will tell you in detail.

Sometimes, energy level remains low after waking up, feels like not to work but stays lying all day. Some face headaches just after waking. Forget little things and anger comes excess. Be fed up with little things. Concentration becomes weak, a student tries to memorize his study but can’t concentrate. He tries but can’t be attentive, the mind turns towards a very small sound. What’s this?

Why concentration level become so low?


It happens to everyone even to kids. Also happens to the old people. Headache, minimum twice a week, hair falling off, several problems, tumor forms in the head, pain in the waist, all these problems can be caused due to our sleeping? Yes, it can. Our spine, you have seen how our spine looks like. The full position, twisted on the head, elevated on the neck, and again twisted in the tummy. But when we sleep in the wrong way, our spine becomes wrong. That’s why diseases come.

If anyone sleeps reverse, what he does? He pushes the spine in opposite direction from its own. Pushes the spine curves up on our tummy. Pushes reverse when we sleep reverse.

Then, we do wrong to our neck curves. Thus, either pain feels on the shoulder or neck, also headache and brain feel pain. It’s one problem. I am telling from the start, for sleeping reverse pain may feel on the waist, lacs of people feel pain in the hips, problems create in the legs and hands be senseless temporary.

So, reverse sleeping is the worst position. Those who sleep reverse, face digestive system problems, their digestive system doesn’t work well. Means such diseases cause. Tummy becomes bigger. So, don’t sleep reverse way.

Which one is right? Left one. Why should we talk about it? Yes, left-side sleeping must be proper. Let me tell you the benefits. When we sleep on the left side, our heart is also on the left side, this side’s blood pipe runs, the biggest pipe of blood, and reaches blood all over the body.

This runs on this side, when you sleep heart doesn’t need to put much pressure to fill that pipe, and blood spreads all over the body easily.

The heart needs to do no heavy task if we sleep left-sided, but the heart needs to work more if you sleep right-sided as pipe goes up now, the heart needs to put more pressure to send blood up.

So, those have chances of high BP who sleep right-sided or reverse, so sleep on the left side. left side, it’s like a bowl or a balloon, if we sleep this side, we have balloon this side and foods are there too, our bile juice, your balloon remains down if you sleep this way, so food is also there and bile juice mixes with that and foods be digested easily who sleep in the left side.

The balloon goes up if sleep right-sided and the foods come under the balloon, now foods come to this side and go inside the pipe, that is improperly digested foods as didn’t get enough bile juice and will go inside the pipe from where it came down but will go up that way and this forms acid.

Many diseases will come from foods not being digested. They face headaches, gas, and acid form pain in the stomach, foods don’t be digested.

What to do?


They will face such problems. Your fatness will be increasing though you take good foods as well as a disease but you didn’t think that you sleep in the wrong position, that’s why your diseases increase. So, don’t sleep on the right side, sleep on the left side. I will also tell you how to sleep left side.

Now, talk about our brain

What’s the connection of the brain with sleeping? That should not matter. Nope, when we sleep left side, all body functions run well.

The brain gets the signal that everything going well, foods digest properly, the heart also doesn’t need to put much pressure to collect blood, blood spreads all over the body with oxygen, so the brain will remain calm, 2nd thing is there is a protein in the brain named amyloid, in the early ages and in the student life, this protein repairs the neurons and it’s good for the brain. But, later it becomes a wastage and the brain needs to remove it.


When we grow up new neurons development stop. So, that protein doesn’t need anymore as no more neurons will be formed. So, that protein becomes a wastage. That protein needs to be thrown out anyhow. If don’t throw out several diseases will develop like down concentration level, headache, angry mood, heavy head, tumor, more anger, several problems develop if your brain can’t remove that.

How can remove?

When you sleep left side, the full-body function goes well, the brain gets enough blood, the brain needs to relax when you sleep in the relaxed position, the body sends a signal that everything is good, the brain will remain relaxed and then the brain can remove that amyloid protein out properly.

Thus, the brain feels fresh. We also feel fresh, our brain removes that wastage out. Headache and such problems like eye problems, such problems create as the brain can’t work better for our wrong activities.

If the brain can clean itself then our memory also be sharp and won’t forget things, as well as several diseases, will be cured. For our sleeping ways how many diseases develop, if these ways are good, all diseases will be gone. Our brain will be fresh and will work so much that you can’t even think.

If your brain is fresh and works well, you also can work all day long. You won’t feel stressed and won’t be ill, you will feel fresh, not tired.

Let’s see the position of sleeping

The best position in which you can sleep. The position is just straight. Put a small pillow so that head doesn’t be too down. Like a dead body, sleep in this way. Stay relaxed. Your bed means the mattress should be neither hard nor soft. Should be medium. You may sleep this way. This is the best position. Spine stays straight in this position. No pressure creates on the body. Body parts work properly, no pressure creates.

Sleep this way, now we need to change sides as we can’t sleep all night long only in this way. Change side to left, You need 2, 3 pillows. One pillow is needed on a side, another pillow under the neck, make a roll of a soft cloth and place this under your tummy where a gap creates, place the soft roll under your tummy.

Sleep this way aside, remember when you sleep in a side, pressure must not apply on the shoulder. The shoulder should be forward. No pressure on the shoulder. Another pillow between your knees. So that knee doesn’t go down. So that spine doesn’t face pressure.

To keep it straight one pillow must be put inside your knees. The hand will be kept forward to prevent pressure on the shoulder. Put one pillow under the neck to keep it straight. You can sleep this way. Roll will be put under the waist to prevent the pressure. This is the best position to sleep in.

All body function works better in this way. So, sleep this way and wake up, get a fresh body and mind. If you are sleeping in the wrong way, then correct your way of sleeping. Many diseases will be cured. Any mind or body-related problem will be solved. Your growing fatness which is not losing will be okay taking little time.

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