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1 Of The Best Winter Hair Growth Pack: Silky, Smooth, Long and beautiful hair

Winter hair growth pack: All hair has turned white. But how do apply Henna in winters? Winters and Heena doesn’t go hand in hand. The chances to catch a cold and cough increase. We also have sinus issues. But we have to color our hair, how much should we wait?

Absolutely accepted. This definitely happens. If you belong to this category then I can not reduce the winters. But I can make the application of Heena feasible in winter for you. So ready everybody? This winter your hair won’t make faces after looking at Heena rather they will smile.

Winter Hair Growth Pack:

hair growth

So let’s check out what needs to be done. In today’s blog, I will be talking about the application of Heena in your hair during winters. Although all of us know that it has cooling properties. Due to which many people catch a cold and cough with its application.

You are absolutely cold stuck. So how to use it? We need to soak Heena, all of us know that Heena powder is first soaked and then applied onto the hair. If we use ingredients having warm properties to soak the Heena. Then the application of Heena becomes very much comfortable.

If you are applying Heena for coloring then it will also be done. And if you are using Heena for conditioning then you are going to get amazing results. Don’t stop applying Heena even in winters. But you can change the way of soaking Heena in winters so that you don’t catch a cold.

How is that possible?

hair growth

For the preparation of Heena, the very first thing that you will need is an iron skillet. If you don’t have an iron skillet then don’t panic, you can use any container that you have. Iron plays an important role in hair growth. As you know, iron deficiency leads to hair fall. When you prepare a remedy in an iron skillet, some of the granules imbibe in your remedy.

And when you do the application of that remedy in your hair follicles, your hair follicles strengthen up. But if you do not have that then there is no problem, you can use any container you have. But try to use an iron skillet. Done?


hair growth

  • Fenugreek seeds
  • Cloves
  • Coffee powder
  • Heena

Add two mugs of water to it, using a coffee mug. Boil it properly and infuse your first ingredient that is Fenugreek seeds.

How much?

Add two big spoons full of Fenugreek seeds to it. In this remedy, Heena is going to be the dominant ingredient. We have to use its color and conditioning. We are just giving it the add-ons and that is why we are neither using Fenugreek seeds powder nor the paste.

We are using whole Fenugreek seeds into this water so that its potency imbibes into the water. Fenugreek seeds can give that life, shine, strength, and potency to your hair so that they stop falling completely. The second ingredient to be infused is 5-6 cloves.

Cloves have anti-inflammatory properties as soon as it touches your scalp. It calls for blood circulation due to which your body warms up and we get amazing results. So the second ingredient having warm properties is cloves And the third ingredient is the one that I always ask you to add.

Which is a big spoon full of coffee powder. You can add more than one also, no problem at all. This is useful for even those who are fed up with the red color of Heena. It becomes a bit different with coffee and gives a brownish shade of color.

And that’s amazing for so many people. Coffee also has warm properties however not too warm as compared to Fenugreek seeds and cloves. This too is warm but not a lot. You can add this mostly for coloring.

hair growth

And also to help increase the potency of Fenugreek seeds and cloves. Let all these ingredients boil properly almost so that it reduces to nearly half. If not half then at least three-fourth of it. When it boils properly, you will be able to witness the potency of the remedy.

You are preparing a remedy in an iron skillet, so its properties will be imbibed into the remedy. It has the properties of Fenugreek seeds, cloves, and coffee powder also which is amazing for your hair. You can strain it and use it as a hair rinse if you want.

This hair rinse can be very much potent for many people during winters if they are having hair fall. Now, this was an extra remedy for you. Boil this extract properly, turn off the gas, do not let it cool down. I mean to say that keep it lukewarm, do not cool it completely.

When it becomes lukewarm, strain the potion. Water and the solid ingredients Fenugreek and cloves will get separated. Fenugreek becomes black in an iron skillet. If you prepare this in another container, it will not become black. Please don’t be surprised.

When they become black like this, you can store them if you want and make a paste out of them later. To use as a hair mask. It’s a very powerful mask. For now, we just need the water, add Heena to this mild hot water. Take Heena according to your hair length.

Some people just follow the root touch-up, so take Heena according to that. Those who want to apply Heena on the entire hair, soak Heena accordingly. While soaking Heena, keep the consistency according to your need. Soak for ust 5-10 minutes. You will apply this lukewarm paste to your hair.

Won’t we soak Heena overnight?

No, we do not have to soak Heena overnight. It’s winter so it will become cold if we soak it overnight and we do not have the provision to heat it again. Those who want to do coloring, please don’t be confused.

hair growth

It will help you in getting a very good color, don’t get confused. You can use any Heena that you are comfortable with. And you can have the best results for your hair. Apply it properly on your hair and let it be for a minimum of 30 minutes.

It’s winter so I would not recommend you to keep Heena for 3 hours in your hair. If there is sunlight, you can sit under sunlight for 3 hours, which is fine. If there is no sunlight, then 30 minutes at any time of the day, is fine.

Keep it applied and wash your hair after that. Do not apply shampoo, wash it off using plain water only. Your hair will become amazing. Those whose hair is already dry will experience more stiffness.

All of you know that, after your hair gets completely dry after the Heena application, you will do heavy oiling. So that the hair completely absorbs the stain. The conditioning will be stored in your hair. Keep your hair tied after oiling them properly.

Shampoo your hair after that. Rest of the precautions you are already aware of.


hair growth

Do not wear white immediately. The water that will drip from your hair will have color as Heena leaves color initially. So all of you are aware of this thing. Understand the do’s and don’ts and also the precaution. Understand all of them and then start the application of Heena.

I am pretty sure you will fall in love with Heena like me. You will apply Heena in winters also and will get amazing results for yourself. So I hope I did justice to your time And you understood the application and preparation very well.

If you have any query then do write them in the comment section. I read all of your comments I have my phone notifications “on”. None of the comments leaves unread by me. I try my best to clear off all your doubts through the blog.

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