Exercises for belly fat

5 Amazing Exercises to Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week

Belly Fat: Today, I will tell you some exercises in sitting positions, which can be done on a chair or stool, this will correct your posture, reduce belly fat, cure back pain if you have.

Reduce Belly Fat at Any Age :

Our office work is mostly sitting work all time, that spoils our posture and our muscles start to be weak, for that our organs of the lower part, they be loose from muscles, thus organs detach from its position lightly, that causes pain like our spine, if anyhow like for our bad posture that is weak and the holding be loose that causes pain, or if you be sitting slouched, that makes your metabolism slow due to muscles being weak, due to bad posture.

A slow metabolism will make your tummy bigger, gas forming, bad digestion, constipation as well as tummy will come out with spoiled posture, the tummy will be seen big, if you don’t even eat a day still you will get a big tummy and you will be worried, then you think of it and try to do exercise to reduce belly fat, but you have back pain and can’t do exercise, you think back pain will increase if you do exercise, then you leave the exercise, thus full-body shape spoils, fat stores and tummy become huge.

Check Muscles are Weak or Not?

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First, we check whether your muscles are weak or not, and then I will tell you exercises in sitting position which is comfortable for you, no need to jump and pain can’t grow, your posture will be okay and muscle will be stronger, metabolism will be high, the organs detached from its position will be coming back in position, will be fixed in position, muscles will strengthen, the tummy will go back flat and body be fixed, the tummy will be tight.

Let’s check, when you sit on a chair, how long can you hold it? Some people won’t be able to do it. If they try it, they will do this and check how long you can hold or pain increases mean weak muscles. Now, take a small ball or use a towel, we have it in the house. Let’s stretch the muscles to prevent pain, to do that put one leg on another, do this sitting on a chair where you are comfortable, sit there.

Put one hand on the knee, another on aside. Bend forward slowly. Feel stretch slowly. Bend as much as you can, hold the position for some seconds, continuously follow the steps 2 – 3 times. Do the same with the other leg. Thus, the pelvis area muscle is stretched, do warm-up or stretch the body before doing exercise, that formula is used here.

First Exercise :


Now, use the towel, roll it tightly so that it doesn’t remain elevated, keep it in the legs and hold it so that it doesn’t fall. Hold it with your legs to use leg muscles. Now, take a hand up fully, the more stretch you feel the better it is for you. Hold for some seconds as long as you can, slowly come back, the same way another side. Take the hand to feel the stretch fully. Again with the same hand. Do this exercise 5 times on one side and another 5 times on another side. This exercise is complete.

Second Exercise :


Waist straight, with hands push the tummy lightly in, just bend pushing the tummy in while breathing. Expand the full-body, open the body. Doing this a minimum of 10 times.

Third Exercise :


In this exercise, keep the hands up, lift them. Keep the body tight when the hand comes down, don’t keep it slouched, only then body posture and muscles will be strong and okay. And your body will be gaining shape and losing fat. Skin will be tight, it’s necessary, first strengthen your muscles, do this minimum of 10 repeats at a time. Do 3 sets of it at a time, if you can’t then do it whenever you get time. Do minimum 2 times a day, then your body posture will be okay and your tummy will be tight.

Fourth Exercise :


Put your one hand by the side of the opposite knee, take one hand back, bring back and take it back again. Some people may face stiffness and pain, but nothing to worry about. Light pain or stiffness is not mattered, continue your exercise and you will like it, your body will transform fast. Do 10 repeats the same way. Put another hand on the opposite knee and do the same. Do 10 repeats for each side.

Fifth Exercise :


Now next exercise, lift your hands, slowly move aside as much as you can do. Another side, Sit on a strong chair if you are fat, don’t sit on stools otherwise you may fall as you are not used to it. Sit tight and do better. The effect is a must.

Our exercises are complete, if you do these exercises, whatever problems you have like body posture, belly fat, stiff muscles, constant pain all will be okay. Also, leg muscles will be tight as you are using it too. so do it, perhaps it may take time but work won’t go wasted.

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