Wrinkles and Dark Spots : How to make Homemade Anti Aging Face Pack for Glowing Skin ?

Wrinkles and Dark Spots, both ruin the personality of women. It is natural, over time, as your age grows, your skin becomes dull and has dark patches. This problem is normal at the appropriate age but not at the early age. To hide their wrinkles, what women do is use excess makeup.

We all know what are the side effects of makeup. When someone uses the chemical products on their skin, for a few hours their skin glows. But after removing the make-up some of you experience dry skin. Keep the one thing in your mind that applying makeup is not a permanent solution to get rid from wrinkles. 

You need to think out-of-the-box. What do you think about home remedies? Considering home remedies is a great way because it does not have any side effects. You will be amazed to know that there is one anti-aging mask to say no to wrinkles.

Let’s discuss the best anti-aging mask: 


Ingredients :

Wrinkles face pack

The ingredients used in making the anti-aging mask are simple and easily available in the market. Here comes the list of ingredients.


  1. Ripe Banana
  2. Curd
  3. Honey
  4. Rice Flour


How to make the anti-aging mask: 

Step-1 Take one piece of banana. After peeling it, mash the banana properly. Bananas are best for tightening the skin and getting rid of wrinkles.

Step-2 Next, mix one spoon of curd in the mashed banana. Curd is useful in marinating the pH level of the body.

Step-3 Add the half spoon of honey to the mixture. Honey is fruitful in moisturizing the skin. If you have any allergy from honey, avoid it. Instead of honey, you have the aloe vera gel. So, you can add the aloe vera into the mixture of curd and mashed banana.  Mix all these three ingredients properly.

Step-4 Mix one spoon of rice flour in your skin. Rice flour does not only tighten your skin but is helpful in removing the dark spots. Mash all these four ingredients properly.

Now your face mask is ready to apply. It is one of the simplest face masks that you can use to make your skin glow. Make sure that your paste is neither thick nor thin but smooth.


How to apply? 

Do not use this face mask like you are painting the wall. Now the question arises in your mind: how to apply the face mask?

Use the face mask in the upward direction. Apply to the whole face and to the neck area slowly. Leave it for a few minutes on your face. Do not laugh and talk after applying the face mask.

What you can do is sit or lay down on the bed. Make sure that you relax once you apply the face mask. Once your mask starts to dry, take the water of normal temperature to wash the mask.

Before that, take the water in small quantities and massage it in the upward direction. After that, rub the face properly after massaging. As it consists of rice flour, it will remove the dark spots and blackheads from your face. As a result, you will get glowing skin.

After massaging, wash the face properly with normal water and moisturize your face properly. You will surely observe the glow on your face.

In the end, this is one of the best face masks to get rid of wrinkles and get glowing skin. If you do not have rice flour in your home, you can purchase it from the market. So, use this pack and get an effective glow on your skin.

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