Side Belly Fat

How to Get Rid of Side Belly Fat with 3 Simple Exercises?

Are you facing problems because of Side belly fatThe fat around the belly is hanging like a balloon. It does not look so good for sure. Additionally, because of the side belly fat, women do not feel comfortable wearing crop tops. The reason is that their loose fat hangs. This problem is quite common after giving birth to a baby.

Now the question is: how to lose the side belly fat? When it is a matter of reducing belly fat, the first thing that strikes the mind is the gym. Do you think that gym is the solution to the fat problem? The answer may be no because not all the ladies can bear the heavy lifting at the gym. But, do not take stress about reducing the side belly fat.

It is because there are three most effective exercises which you can perform at your home. All you need to do is implement all these exercises in your daily routine and get rid of the side belly fatBut keep one thing in your mind: before doing all these exercises, a warm-up is required. It can be walking on the terrace for ten minutes.

So, let’s discuss the three most exercises for side belly fat:





To perform this exercise, lay down on the mat. Further, keep the hands under your waist to prevent pressure. After that, lift your leg and then make it straight. Next, lift your hip area, as shown in the figure. After lifting the hip area, keep your legs straight. To perform this exercise, pressure is required.

You need to continue this exercise for a minimum of thirty seconds. It means to do this exercise twenty times. After that, relax for the minutes. You may feel tired, and your breathing will be faster. To a large extent, it is a good sign that indicates your body burns fat.





In the second exercise, your position will be the same and your hand under the hips. Lift the legs and move the legs in the circular position. In other words, you have to move your legs like you are drawing the circle.

Additionally, move your legs ten times in circular motion. Further, move the legs in an anti-clockwise direction ten times. Move your legs as per your capability. After completing the exercise, relax. Further, complete the second set of this exercise.

1 set= 20 repetitions





To perform the third exercise, raise your legs, as shown in the picture. Further, lift your legs. While lifting the legs, move your hand’s side to side. Make sure that you do not touch your foot to the ground. After completing the twenty repetitions, touch your foot to the ground and relax.

If you do not raise your legs, touch your feet to the ground and then move your hand side to side or left and right. Slightly bend your upper body. Complete the two sets of each exercise. It means doing twenty repetitions to complete one set. Further, do relax and then complete the second set.

So, these are three exercises that you can perform to get rid of the side belly fat. Reducing fat does not mean you need to perform exercises. With the help of simple exercises, you can reduce belly fat. Additionally, do not forget to relax while doing the exercise.

In the end, these are three essential exercises that you can perform to get rid of side belly fat. With the help of these exercises, you will indeed observe the results over time. All you need to do is perform these exercises in the morning.


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