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How to Lose Belly Fat in 3 Days with Magical Drink Recipe?

Not only the exercises but there are several drinks and diet plans that help you reduce weight and belly fat. There is no doubt you may do exercises for weight loss daily, still not get the result. Do you think about the reasons?

The answer is no. Instead of finding the reasons, the masses will change their exercises. Some of them change their activities while some people stop doing their exercises. Is it a good solution? Again the answer is no.

While doing exercises, you need to pay attention to your eating habits. What people usually do is, perform the activities but do not restrict themselves from eating unhealthy food. It will be like morning time is exercise time and evening time is junk food time. In other words, if you want to lose belly fat, you need to say no to unhealthy food.

There is one miracle drink that helps you lose fat fast when it comes to food and beverages. All you need to do is drink it before going to sleep. If you take this drink, you may get rid of your belly fat. 

Now the question is: how to make lose belly fat?


How to make the drink to lose weight or belly fat?



First of all, there are several points which you need to remember that include:


  • Consume this drink after one or one and hours of your dinner.
  • It improves your digestive system
  • Enhances the blood circulation
  • Reduce the problem of constipation
  • You feel energized

These are some benefits that you get from having this drink at night. Now move to its ingredients:


List of ingredients: 


  • Water- more than 250 ml
  • Dry mint powder- two pinch
  • Dalchini Powder- one pinch or half quantity as compared to dry mint powder
  • Dry ginger powder- one pinch
  • Lemon
  • Honey- one spoon



Step-1 Take the 250 ml water and pour it into the pan or utensil you need to make tea.

Step-2 Turn on the stove and let the water boil.

Step-3 Add the two pinch of dry mint powder. If you do not have mint powder, you can use the fresh mint leaves too.

Step-4 After that, add one pinch of dalchini powder. It is readily available on the market. So you will not face any problem in finding it. Go to the grocery store and purchase it.

Step-5 Further add the dry ginger powder to it. Do not worry; in case you do not have powder, you can use ginger too.

Let it boil for one to two minutes, then filter the liquid and pour it into the cup. Further, squeeze the half lemon in it or one to three drops of lemon juice. If you have any allergies to it, do not add lemon to it. Leave the drink for one and two minutes.

Last but not least, before drinking this magical drink, you need to add one spoon of honey to it. After that mix the honey properly into the drink to do magic to your body.


  • Have this drink before thirty to thirty-five minutes of sleeping.
  • Do not drink milk if you take this drink
  • Make sure that your dinner should be light
  • Say no to the junk food to get effective results of this magical drink.

If you eat junk food like noodles, pizza, or so on, you will not observe the effects of this magical drink. So, for some time, you have to control your diet to get a good figure.

In the end, collect all the ingredients and make this magical drink to get rid of the belly fat. Additionally, avoid junk food as it is not good for health.


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