Lose 4-5 kg in a week

Lose 4-5 kg in a week – 5 Cardio Exercises for Body Fat

Do you feel embarrassed in front of others because of your body fat? Do you want to lose 4-5 kg in a week? If, yes then this blog will help you to get rid of body fat and lose 4-5 kg in a week while doing cardiovascular exercises.

Cardiovascular exercise is a vigorous activity that increases pulse and respiration and raises oxygen and blood flow throughout the body while using large muscle groups of the body repetitively and rhythmically.

Such activity progressively challenges your most significant internal body organs and improves the guts, lungs, and cardiovascular system’s function and performance. Cardio improves many aspects of health, including heart health, psychological state, mood, sleep, weight regulation and metabolism.

There are various benefits associated with cardio exercises. Here are the benefits associated with it.


  • Ideal for weight loss

 One of the most reasons why people adopt a cardio exercising routine is because they want to lose body fat. Cardio may be an excellent exercise for those looking to reduce it because it helps you burn body fat and lose weight.


  • Strengthen your heart

Cardiovascular relates to the guts and blood cells, so once you perform a cardio exercise like running or biking, you strengthen your heart. This is often a cardio exercise that makes your pulse accelerate and adequately pump blood.


  • Improves the lung capacity

Many people tend to keep far away from cardio because it is often tough to breathe as you perform the exercise. However, that heavy breathing you are experiencing is improving your lungs. Cardio will increase your lung capacity as you push your breathing ability to the limit during a tedious workout.


  • Boost your energy 

People can not get through each day without taking an extended nap. It is pretty standard for people to consume energy drinks and occasionally throughout the day to remain alert. But these methods are often harmful to your health if you overdo them. A healthier option is cardio exercise. It can naturally boost your energy, which is why many of us start our time off with some cardio within the early hours of the morning.

To get all those benefits, you need to perform the below-mentioned exercises to get rid of body fat and lose 4-5 kg in a week. Here is the list of activities that you need to follow to lose your body fat. Before doing these exercises, you need to do jogging or warm-up.





In this exercise, sit straight and raise your hands. Further, lift one leg bending the knee back. After that, touch the bent leg with your opposite hand, as shown in the picture. Touch the right foot with the left hand and vice versa. It is one of the most straightforward exercises that you can perform. Do it for around 20 times and continue it for one minute.





In this exercise, attach your legs and raise your hand in an upward direction. After that, take your hand down and sit down. While sitting, make sure that your heel will lift. Stay on your toes and then stand up. Perform this exercise 20 times. You may feel tired while doing this exercise but continue.





In this exercise, stand straight and raise your hand. Try to touch your right elbow with the left joint. On the other hand, touch the left elbow with the correct joint. Do this exercise for thirty seconds. You can relax if you feel tired while doing the exercise.





To perform this exercise, keep your hand in the position shown in the figure. Raise your one leg and make sure that your upper body will be in the opposite direction of your leg. Do this exercise 10 times with each leg. It means you need to do it 20 times.





Join your hand and sit straight. Keep your hand in the opposite direction and raise your leg in an outward order. This exercise works best if you want to get rid of stubborn fat.

In the end, these are the exercises that you need to follow to get rid of body fat. You can perform this exercise anywhere, such as in the garden or so on.


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  1. Madhu
    October 2, 2021

    Mam,mera only tummy and hips mein fat bahut zyada hai baki body patli hai.plz tell me exercises.

    1. October 2, 2021

      aapko puri body ka workout karna chahiye aur natural diet start karni chahiye.

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