3 in oneDrink for Acidity, fat loss & Weight loss

3 in One Drink for Acidity, Fat Loss & Weight Loss

Are you suffering from the pain of acidity? However, it is one of the common problems that everyone suffers. Some of the masses suffer daily, while some of them once a month. So, the central question is: how to get rid of the problem of acidity?

At that time, one thing that stuck to mind was home remedies for acidity. Usually, when they have the problem of acidity, they take any medicine related to it. What will you do when you do not have medication but you have acidity? 

Before moving to the drink, it is essential to know about the reasons associated with the acidity. So, let’s discuss some common reasons.


Reasons for the acidity:

It is essential to understand the reasons for acidity. If you know the reason, you can move to the solutions, otherwise not. Here is the list of some reasons.

Obesity When a person is obese, the added pressure on the abdomen and stomach can lead to acid in your stomach. Further, it becomes the reason for acidity.


  1. Foods and Beverages 

There are some specific foods and beverages that can lead to acidity. You may find that some masses have the problem of acidity when they eat spicy food. Spicy food, peppermint, chocolate, carbonated drinks, and so on lead to the edge.


  1. Medication 

If the person takes aspirin frequently, there are chances that you may experience acidity. Your medications are also the reason for the problem of acidity.


Symptoms of acidity: 

  • Bloating
  • Excess burping
  • Burning sensation
  • Wheezing

Acidity Drink

How to make 3 in One drink for Acidity, Fat Loss & Weight Loss? 

There are various steps that you need to follow for making the drink. All you need to do is collect the ingredients and then make the drink.

Step-1 Take one cup of water. Keep the one thing in your mind: take this drink as the medicine, not as the drink.

Step-2 Add the small amount of ginger to it as per the one cup of water. Further, put the ajwain in it. Make sure that you take half to half of the spoon.

Step-3 After that, add the one clove in and cardamom. Add the cardamom after breaking it. Further, add a small quantity of tea to it. The primary purpose of adding tea to it is for colour. Adding the tea is optional.

Step-4 Boil it or cook it for one minute. Further, pour it into the mug or glass. Do not forget to filter it with the tea strainer.

Step-5 After that, add one spoon of honey to it. Next, squeeze the lemon in a small quantity. You can add 10-15 drops of lemon to it. Do not make it too sour.

Step-6 Mix well lemon and honey in it.

Make sure that you take this drink as medicine because excess of everything is bad. With the help of this drink, you will get plenty of benefits. Even with the use of this drink, you will see the results after drinking it.

All you need to do is replace your tea habit with this drink. Take this drink twice a day to get rid of the acidity. You can take the glass after having your breakfast. Additionally, you can set the drinking time as per your preference.

In the end, all you need to do is devote some time to make the drink. With the help of this drink, you will observe the difference. You can take the tea and enjoy its benefits. Either you have an excess of fat or acidity problem, you must opt for this tea.


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