Stubborn Belly fat

5 Powerful Habits to Reduce stubborn belly fat without exercise or diet

Belly fat comes with several ailments. With obesity, you feel tired after doing little-bit work. Even, you may face problems in choosing the right outfit for you. When it is a matter of belly fat, what people do is join the gym. Still, they face problems in losing fat.

Have you thought about the reasons? There are chances that some of your habits work as a barrier in the journey of losing fat. By adding some healthy habits, you can easily lose yours with time. Before moving to that habits, let’s discuss the belly fat and its type:

What is belly fat?

The belly fat is that

fat that is around the abdomen. There are two types of belly fat which are in the following ways:

·      Visceral fat 

This fat is basically around the person’s organ

·      Subcutaneous 

This kind of fat sits under the skin

It does not matter what kind of fat you have, by adding some habits you can easily observe the changes. Now the question that arises in your mind is: what are the habits to add to routine?

So, here is your answer:

Habit-1 Drink two glasses of water after waking

stubborn belly fat

Not all ladies have this habit of drinking warm water. What they do after waking up is start their household work. You need to change this habit and drink two glasses of warm water.

Do not drink the warm water in a standing position but in the sitting position as shown in the picture. The warm water raises the metabolism and helps in melting the fat.

Habit-2 Do not take much salt 


Maybe you are not eating too much salt. But think about eating salt for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All you need to do is, do not eat sugar, salt, or milk-made food such as tea and coffee during breakfast time. Additionally, make sure that you do not eat grain too.

Apart from this, you can eat fruits instead of sugar, salt, or milk-based food. As a result, your body removes the toxins and the amount of sodium will not surge. All you need to do is give preference to seasonal fruit at breakfast time.

Habit-3 Do not use too much oil


We all know that Indian food is incomplete without too much food. But, you need to change this habit. In the lunch, do not use an excess of oil, salt, and spices. Sit on the ground and cross your legs and then start eating your lunch.

By sitting on the ground, the digestive system comes closer to the earth. As a result, food will be digested properly. Further, your digestive system works better. Make sure that you eat two bowls of vegetables. Before eating lunch, eat the salad and then eat lunch.

Habit-4  Walk after the dinner

belly fat

After having your dinner, do not go to sleep but go for a walk of at least 30 minutes. Additionally, you can do any exercises after having dinner. With the help of this, you can lose belly fat. Make sure that you do not drink milk after completing the dinner.

If you have a habit of drinking milk, you can take one cup of milk. So, change this habit to lose belly fat.

Habit-5 Do not keep junk food in your house

It is essential that you do not keep junk food in your home like chips, biscuits, and so on. The reason is that sweets can also lead to belly fat. So, keep this thing in your mind.

In the end, keep all these habits in your mind and implement them. Further, do not take too much stress. So apply all these habits and observe the results.


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