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Only 3 Exercises to Reduce Tummy fat, Thigh fat and Leg fat

No one can deny that tummy fat, thigh fat, and leg fatall of these are a disgrace to the personality. A person with an excess of fat is not able to wear their favorite clothes. Additionally, when they go to buy western clothes, they usually do not get their favorite top.

The reason is the size issue. All of these reasons arise from fats. Don’t you think that it is a stressful concern? Of course! Yes. If you do not control your belly fatin the future, you may be suffering from different kinds of ailments. Additionally, you may also feel tired after having belly fat.

If you have tummy, thigh, and leg fat,you need to reduce it. Usually, the masses think that three different fats mean three different kinds of exercises. Usually, it will take time too. But, you do not need to stress about it. The reason is that three essential exercises help you in reducing the tummy, leg, and thigh fat.

Here is the list of the exercises that you can perform by doing in the morning and evening.


3 Exercises to Reduce Tummy fat, Thigh fat and Leg fat




To perform this exercise, lie on the mat. Further, slightly raise your back and your legs. Keep yourself in the position as shown in the figure. Move your legs straight and then come to the same position as the image.

Keep the one thing in your mind, and you need to exhale when your legs go straight while performing this exercise. Do this exercise fifty times or according to your capability. Additionally, perform this exercise twice a day that is in the morning and the evening.





In this exercise, lay down on the mat and bent one leg and another leg straight. Further, try to lift one leg as much as you can. After that, raise the other leg as per your capability. While lifting your leg, give support to your knee with your hand. It is one of the easiest yet practical exercises that you can perform. All you need to do is complete this exercise thirty times. However, do the repetition as per your capability.





For performing this exercise, lay down on the mat. Further, keep both your hands under the waist. The primary reason behind keeping the hand on the abdomen is preventing pressure on the waist. Additionally, lift both your legs. After lifting, put them down and open the legs. After that, lift the legs again. It includes:


  • Raise your legs
  • Put them down
  • Open the legs

This exercise revolves around these three steps. Initially, you may face the problem in performing the exercise. However, once you become habitual of this, you will do repetitions more than your expectations.

So, these are the three exercises that will help you in reducing your tummy, leg, and thigh fat. Complete at least one set of these exercises. Additionally, if you want to see effective results, you need to do this exercise twice. Moreover, within ten to fifteen days, you may experience positive results.

When you perform the exercises, initially, you may feel pain and think that it is not a cup of your tea. But after practicing it, you will do this exercise comfortably. This exercise does not take you plenty of time. All you need to do is devote at least fifteen minutes in the morning and the evening.

In the end, add this exercise to your daily routine to control your excess of fat. It is essential to maintain the increasing fat. Due to it, you will save yourself from future ailments.


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