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Sharpen Your Memory in Just 5 Days : Increase Brain Power

Does it happen with you too that you keep something somewhere and forget where you kept that thing? If you are a student and you have prepared well but in the examination hall you forget everything while looking at the questions. If this happens to you or your kids then I will tell you a magic technique which you will follow for only 5 days, by doing this you will get such sharp memory that you will forget to forget.

Let’s start, I will tell you a technique so that memory is so sharp you can’t believe it. You will be able to remember everything. It’s good for you if you are a student. We believe we forget due to our growing age. So, the brain works less, wrong. We don’t want to learn things. We don’t apply the techniques to ourselves and confess it happens due to age or workload or due to staying nervous.

But we don’t work for the repair and strength of our body, so our organs and brain start working less. But, we believe this is natural. Nope, we have to repair this. We don’t work for our body and leave it on nature, as it goes. We believe it. But there are some techniques, if those are practiced, then our memory and body can be sharper and stronger.
I will tell you a technique. Do this for only 5 days. Your memory will be sharper after you do this.

How our memory works ?

The neurons in our memory if there is a better connection between them, memory works better. We can keep some things for long in our memory. Suppose, you have left the study if I ask you who was your teacher when you were in 10th standard. How was his/her face? You can tell it. Most people can tell this. If you are asked about your father’s or mother’s friend, you can tell. But you can’t tell if you are asked the chapters in the 10th standard. Because the connection of the neurons wasn’t strong there.

When it becomes strong, we can remember something and forget others. Photographic memory in our memory has a strong neurons connection. It’s like we are watching a movie, like watching a man, that is a photographic memory. We can keep that memory long, don’t forget it. Any data like lessons are memorized in words, which is a short-time memory. Neurons connection while reading any data from books, don’t be strong and we forget that. Like, if any student is asked what he read the last Sunday, most of them will answer only the chapter number, but most of them forget the questions and the lessons.

But if you ask him about his friend like what he talked to him, when met and where they went. This can be reminded as it is seen like photos. This is a photographic memory. How can we make neurons connections strong so that all our memory turns into long-time memory? And it remains forever, as the students are nervous watching the questions and some others can’t even memorize. Any aged man or woman start forgetting small things, this problem increase. All are fed up with it. You have to do a thing for 5 days before you sleep give 20 minutes to yourself.

First Day Work :


First-day work is, in that 20 minutes, what did you do getting up in the morning and later what you did all the day, you have to think all about that from morning to evening when you go to bed to sleep comfortably. Not like you will do it exactly for 20 minutes, take your time to remember. Maybe 25 or more. Try to remember. Why do this? we are putting pressure on memory, same as when we make our muscles strong then we do weight lift, exercise. We put pressure on the body.

Thus, muscles and body become stronger. Our body starts coming in a shape, the same way putting pressure on the brain to sharpen the memory. So that neurons connection be strong. Put pressure 1st day and sleep.

Second Day Work :


The next day at the same time in the night, remember the same things that you did from morning to evening.

But, remember deeply. How? Like you got up in the morning, wanted for breakfast and you got ready, remember even the conversations you did, the questions you read and when you learned them, how much you have read or the people you met today, or you stood by the wall and saw people, all the activities those people did like moving or riding a car, try to remember all such things that you saw, did, or tried to do.

Think deeply, this may take a little more moment like 25 minutes. But try for sure, like that time you will put pressure on the memory to make it strong. Do this and sleep.

Third Day Work :


On the 3rd day, repeat this. Think a little deeper. Better if you think deeply.

Fourth Day Work :


On the 4th day, up to the afternoon, your mind will be automatic.

Now, you don’t need to remember, your brain will try to remember what you did that day. It will try to remember everything automatically all the memory that you tried to remember last night. Do the same thing on the 4th night, Now, your memory will be automatic.

Fifth Day Work :


On the 5th day, your brain will be automatic fully, then you won’t have to remind.

Your brain itself will be reminding you of things like everything you did the whole day. The chapter you read, automatically your brain will recall that whenever you are free. All the things. Just think about what is happening here? Whatever you did or remembered, your memory will input all the memories as pictures. You will remember what you opened and read in the books. The brain will remember them as pictures, which means the memory you took as words, will convert into photos and will be stored in your memory after you do this for 5 days.

Got it? Your brain remembers that automatically based on pictures. It tells you what you did that time. As you have converted the mind into auto mode. You have taught that made a habit and it becomes a habit. Like, if you practice reading from 9 to 10 pm, later your brain itself says it’s your reading time.

The same happens when you do exercise any time daily, your memory reminds you of the thing. But, if you don’t do then memory alerts you that you didn’t do that. You keep thinking that something is missing. Same way, you are making it automatic, like your brain keeps reminding you what you did all day.

Whatever you kept in mind, all will repeat again and again. Then it will fit in the photographic or long time memory and you won’t forget that. If your memory reminds you that again, that will be added to your memory as long time photographic memory is fixed, you can’t forget it. If you do this carefully for five days, your life will change.

You will forget to forget, if you are a student, you would be forgetting any lesson, later you will forget that you would forget. It’s quite good for students. Try it and get the sharpest memory. It will be a great turn in your life, your life will be happy.

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