How To Sit After Eating : 2 Big Mistakes We Do After Eating

I told you the position in which you should sit after eating (Check here ). People know the position and sit in this position after eating but many people do a common mistake and the result is a pain in the knee or in the legs, what is the mistake you should not do. I will tell you that in detail.

I told you to sit in the Vajrasana position for 5- 10 minutes after eating food. But some people sit for 30 minutes or longer time.
That is not the problem and I told you that those who have pain in the knee and want to sit in this position, how will sit. You are sitting in this position daily, your ankle gets huge pressure when you sit this way. Your knee goes in hyperflexion condition, if you don’t do counterpose exercise after this, thus it’s possible your ligament gets huge pressure and is stretched too much.

Now after eating, you make the mistake of sitting for a longer time still, you make another mistake that you stand instant and start walking. That’s a mistake you feel pain in the knee or you have complained about issues or feeling pain after sitting.

What mistakes you are making after eating?

You are sitting for more than 30 minutes after eating. Sit for only 5 -10 minutes and don’t stand instantly also don’t walk then. Another thing is, in this position if you sit daily, you have to do 3 exercises after sitting your knee has gone into hyperflexion. You have bent fully and your knee has been bent fully. As in the same position, you are stretching your knee again and again, but you are not performing the counter pose. You do the opposite work but you are not doing the counter pose of any exercise, which is wrong. One thing I am calling several times is that don’t sit for a long time.

So, which counterpose you should do after sitting in this position? When we stand after sitting in any position, first sit this way (shown in the picture below) to make you feel relaxed. Sit this way for a while.

First Exercise :

after eating

Now, how to do counter exercise get in this position (shown in the picture below), and the way your knee was bent in hyperflexion, spread your legs. Give stretch to the opposite direction, look at my feet and toe (shown in the picture below). Give full stretch to your knee backward. This way, give stretch to the ankle backward. Relax after holding for 5 seconds. Give stretch again. Give such a stretch so that you feel it on the back of the legs. Relax for 5 seconds after holding.

Again give stretch. We have to do this 3 times with the same leg, get this leg back, and give stretch to another leg. Give stretch to the backside of another knee. You have to feel the stretch fully. Pull the ankle backward. Hold for 5 seconds. Relax. Again stretch.

Second Exercise :

after eating

Now, make a roll of a towel, put it under the knee, spread the legs, and put pressure downward by the knee, don’t lift the ankle. Apply pressure by the knee. Same with the other leg and a minimum of 5 repetitions to be done. You can do more, do according to you.

Put pressure downward on the towel by knee, apply force on the towel, don’t lift the ankle. do 5 repetitions this way.

Third Exercise :

after eating

In the 3rd and last exercise, our ankle becomes like this (shown in the picture below) when we sit in Vajrasana. Means a huge stretch puts on the ankle. You have to do the counter posture, ankle straight, twist it in the opposite direction when you sat for the Vajrasana. Twist slightly and take up. Some stretch inward. Same with the other leg.

You may do this 5 or 10 times at a time. Do the same repeat with both legs. Relax for 2-3 minutes, stand slowly, and then walk. Don’t stand instantly, relax for sure whatever exercise you do. Relaxing is mandatory.

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