Weight loss Diet Plan

Weight loss Diet Plan – Diet to Lose 5 Kilos in 3 Days

You may have heard, seen or followed many diet plans, these can be of 10, 15 days or one month or two months, from these diet plans some people be benefitted, other people don’t be benefitted. It’s because, suppose it was for 15/30 days, for a little long time. We become bored in 5 to 10 days.

When anything special is cooked at home, we forget the diet plan and eat that. If you can’t follow properly, the result will be zero. You don’t get results. You don’t follow properly and the result doesn’t be seen.

That’s why, because we can’t follow diet plan for a long time, if you get short time diet plan, and if you follow correctly that will surely 100% lose weight.

Don’t you want such a Diet plan?

diet plan

I have come with 3 days diet plan, anyone who follows this, must be benefitted and lose weight. If he/she has any health issues or diseases, any type of diseases will start to be healed within these 3 days. Neither you heard of such a plan nor you follow. So you must follow this diet plan if you want to be benefitted. If your weight isn’t decreasing, then it will start.

This is 3 days diet plan. You must be surprised. How is it possible to weight loss in 3 days? That is also a minimum of 4-5 kg. It’s for sure. Each one will lose weight if properly followed.

Also, the diseases will also be gone like sugar, high or low BP, high cholesterol, any diseases will be gone minimum 50% if you follow this properly. Small diseases like fever, cold or cough for a long time, not being healed, pigmentation, will be gone within 3 days, it’s guaranteed if you follow correctly.

How this plan will solve all these?

By detoxifying your body. All the toxins stored in your body stored fat, all will be thrown out by following it. It’s such a diet.

Let’s see the plan.

First Day Diet Plan :

1st day morning, drink 1- 2 glasses of simple warm water. Then go to be fresh and after that, you have to take two Amla’s juice, add some water in it and drink it. Next, the exercises you do daily can do that or can follow your routine.

Can go for jogging. Being back, when you are hungry or feel for breakfast, or tea time, you can take apple juice or orange juice. If you can’t prepare apple juice, can take orange juice. Or eat an orange if juice can’t be made.

Or take papaya juice, any juice you take, take that in liquid form as you are detoxifying the body. So, don’t take solid. Take juice as you wish, one glass or more. As you like.

Then eat nothing. At 10:00 AM, take green tea. After 2 hours, which means near 12:00 or 12:30 pm, when you feel hungry, take carrot juice, it’s winter and fresh carrots are available so take carrot juice. Remember to take juice only, in liquid form.

After one hour, take coconut water if found easily. If not found easily, take mixed juice of cucumber and tomato. Filter out the hard object from the juice. Then till 1 or 2 hours after this, take rest or drink water. Drink a lot of water, it’s good. Around 4:00 or 4:30 pm, take the tea you like.

For what?

The people who take tea, get headaches if they don’t take tea. It’s because a headache feels like feeling hungry. Nothing necessary, take green tea if you don’t take tea. We feel hungry and weak because the body needs proper nutrition. We ate food or took tea at the same time the previous day.

The body makes us feel for eating that. But don’t think that you are weak or hungry or you haven’t eaten anything. Remember, you are getting proper nutrition.

Don’t fear being sick, nothing will happen to you. The maximum you may feel headache or hungry. Nothing more will happen. Take green tea or tea. At 7 PM in the evening, take a fruit juice you like. How much, maximum 2 glass. you can’t take more. After 1 hour of this, as you took 2 Amla juice, with some water take that Amla juice.

If you feel good after this, no feeling of hunger or weakness, go to sleep. Still, if you feel that you won’t get sleep, take herbal tea. One special thing, add no sweet or salt to the juice. If juice tastes very bad or nothing, add one spoon of honey. Both in herbal tea or if make any other juice. Don’t use much honey. Detoxify the body properly.

Don’t add salt or sweet to that. Otherwise, the body can’t detoxify itself. Give the least work to the body, the juice you take, the body will digest that soon and will start detoxification. That fat stored for years will start to burn that. Don’t give work to the body. No salt or sweet. Now, go to sleep.

Let’s see the next day plan.

Second Day Diet Plan :

In the morning, take the juice of 2 Amlas. Drink water first, take Amla juice. After being fresh eat fruits like papaya, pomegranate, apple. Don’t eat bananas. You can eat guava but not a banana. Eat fruits as you like, no limit. Just, don’t overeat. It may cause vomiting. Eat as you like. In the noon, eat raw vegetables.

Raw vegetables and fruits are to be taken only, no bread or rice. No salt or sweet. As nature has given us fruits and vegetables, eat in the same form. Digesting soon, the body will start the real work of detoxifying. The fat you store, your body will burn that. Every day we eat the wrong foods, the body keeps digesting that.

Then how it will detoxify or burn fat? It keeps storing fat and we keep gaining fat. Take only fruits in their natural form. So that body doesn’t need to work a lot and can remove the fat or other toxins. If you feel a craving to take salt badly, take vegetable soup one time. Use rock salt in that. No cream or ghee should be added.

Take this soup one time only. Don’t eat more than a small bowl. This is the 2nd-day diet plan. At the end of 2nd day, go to sleep taking Amla juice.

Third-Day Diet Plan :

Third-day diet plan will also be a liquid diet like the first day. If anyone thinks a liquid diet is very difficult, or if like the 2nd-day diet, then follow the 2nd-day diet. Eat fruits or vegetables, but no sweet or salt to be added. Don’t take the juice from the market. Nothings from the market can be taken. Follow this for 3 days.

Ask, why 3 days?

diet plan

When we are removing toxins, may not be completed in one day, perhaps even in 2 days toxin still remains. But within 3 days, maximum fat will be burnt and toxin removed. So, minimum of 3 days is needed.

If you follow this plan properly, any problem you have, small problems related to breathing, or fatness isn’t decreasing even after trying everything, now it must work. It’s guaranteed.

If you can’t believe it, then follow and watch. Only by following you can understand. So, follow and get its benefit.

Now, the question is when to follow or after how many days to follow this plan?

diet plan

Those people who have so much fat can follow this each week. Follow this each week if you don’t have a problem, then your skin will be younger. If it’s not possible then follow this twice a month. Your skin will be glowing. If you follow this up to 6 months, twice a month, your age will be like 20 years younger. Fatness will be reduced as before you were. You will be back where you wanted to be.

You will get the level, you will lose this much weight. Fatness can’t come in life if you make it a routine. No disease can catch you, rather the remaining will also be healed. Pimples or pigmentation will be gone, skin will be glowing like a kid. You will never need another diet plan if you follow this. No diet plan is needed further for losing weight, for winter or summer. Follow it and benefit.

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