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How to lose belly, hip fat, and thigh fat most easily?

Do you face issues in choosing the right dress? Are you facing embarrassment because of belly fat, hip fat or thigh fat? If so, it is a time to focus on your body rather than anything else. Obesity is one of the biggest disgraces after the complexion. If you have hip and thigh fat, you cannot imagine yourself in the western dress.

Now the question is: Is there any way to get rid of the belly, hip, and thigh fat? Usually, people think they can get a slim body by going to the gym or gym exercises. However, it is not so, and there are still some exercises you can perform at your home. Due to it, you get a flat and slim tummy without going to the gym.

Here come some exercises which you can perform to lose your belly, hip fat, and thigh fat without lifting any heavy equipment.




lose belly, hip fat and thigh fat by watching phone

First of all, lie down on the bed or the mat and then bend your legs. Further, move your legs left and right at least 30 times. By doing this exercise, you will feel rejuvenated and do other activities like watching mobile phones.

This exercise is beneficial for you in reducing your side area and leg fat most efficiently. So, do not forget to do exercise when you are free.





Firstly raise your feet and after that heel. Your position will be the same, and lift your feet and then heel. This exercise is useful to reduce your thigh and calf muscle fat. It is one of the easiest exercises which you can perform easily without facing any problem.

While doing this exercise, you may feel stretched. Repeat the exercise at least thirty or sixty times. If you feel tired, do not forget to take a rest. After taking the rest, then continue.





In this exercise, lie down and open both the legs on the opposite side and join your feet. Further, open and close your legs. This exercise is best for lower belly fat, hip fat, and inner thigh fat. Do this at least thirty times this exercise. If you can do more than 30, you can perform it.





It is also one of the easiest exercises which can you can continue. Open the leg upward, hold it for a few seconds, then take the leg back. Do this exercise ten times with one leg and another ten with the second leg. Additionally, you can do this exercise with one by one leg respectively.





In this exercise, your position will be similar to exercise one. Further, raise your legs in an upward direction and then in the backward direction. This exercise will lessen your belly fat. Perform this exercise as per your ability or capacity. Otherwise, ten repetitions are enough. With this exercise, you can lessen your belly fat.




exercise for belly, hip fat and thigh fat

In this exercise, you need to change your position upside down. Raise your legs one by one respectively. This exercise is fruitful for you to lessen your thigh and calf muscles fat. Additionally, you can do this for thirty seconds or one minute. Thirty seconds mean you repeat this exercise thirty times.

So, these are some exercises which you can perform to lessen your fat. Keep the one thing in your mind that it is not hard to lessen your fat. All you need to do is devote your quality of time doing all these exercises, mainly in continuity. If you are lethargic and skip the exercises, you will not get positive outcomes. To reduce your fat, you need to make a full chat plan and follow it.


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