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Best 3 Natural Way to Fat Loss

The excess of belly fat on the tummy area becomes one of the significant problems among both men and women for fat loss. The majority of the masses are dealing with this problem and unable to lose their body fat. When they observe that they are gaining fat, the first thing pop-in their mind is the gym through which they can easily get rid of it.

Do you think that gym is the solution to all of your problems? Do you have the capacity to do gym exercise? But I don’t agree with gym. Not all the masses are comfortable with gym exercise, mainly the women. It is because they feel embarrassed while doing the gym exercise.

Now the biggest question is: how to lose the body fat naturally or without taking any supplements? You may also think about this question. If it is so, you landed in the right place. If you consider the below-mentioned natural ways, you do not need to lift heavy equipment from the gym or do plenty of hard work.

Here come the natural ways of fat loss which help you in lose excess fat.


 Way-1 of fat loss

Weight loss

In the early morning, when you wake up from bed, go to the kitchen and warm two glasses of water. If you think that you do not have the capacity to drink two glasses of water, you can consider one glass of warm water.

If you do not have any allergy to sour things or digest them quickly, you need to add lemon and honey in the warm water. Do not use the lemon for too long. It is because it can lead to pain in the knees. The warm water will help you reduce your belly fat.


Way-2 of fat loss

After drinking the warm water, the next step is to do Yoga. There is no need to do too much when it comes to Yoga.


Fat lossAll you need to do is perform kapalbhati for half an hour in the morning and the evening. If you do not complete it for half an hour, it will not be very effective. Due to it, you will observe the abs. If you have the problem of high BP, you will have to do Kapalbhati slowly.

Along with the Kapalbhati, you will have to perform the alom-vilom. By doing these yoga postures, you can make the proper balance between the exercises.


Way-3 of fat loss

Fat Loss

Do not eat immediately after doing Yoga. What you need to do is relax for half an hour. After half an hour, there are chances that you may feel an appetite.  When you feel hungry, do not eat heavy food. Instead, you can eat one fruit like one apple. After eating the one apple, wait and relax for the moment.

For breakfast, do not eat oily food but eat tortillas and vegetables. Eat slowly and do not take tea with breakfast. Instead of tea, you can consider green tea. If you are a curd lover, then take the curd and add brown sugar to it. After that, you can eat.


  • Further, drink 3-4 glasses of water before having lunch.
  • Eat the apple before having your lunch, or you can eat any salad.
  • Eat one tortilla, rice in small quantities, and add two vegetables and one pulse bowl.
  • Drink green tea or coconut water in the evening.
  • Make sure that your dinner is light, such as oats.
  • Say no to the white sugar until you lose the fat.

In the end, by doing all these things, you will indeed observe the results of belly fat loss. Keep all these things in your mind and implement them in your daily life.

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