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Best Diet Plan to Lose Weight Quickly Without Compromising With the Best Food?

Losing weight becomes one of the complex challenges for the masses without having diet plan. It is because they try each thing right from the gym to yoga. But still, they do not get appropriate results. The reason is that they do not focus on the diet plan. 

It is a habit of the majority of masses that they prefer to do exercise in the morning while in the evening, they eat junk food. Do you think that in this way, you can reduce your weight? The answer is no. So, while making a plan to lose weight, you need to work on following the diet plan.

With the help of a diet plan, you will see effective results in the short time. Additionally, now the question is: what kind of food must be added to the diet plan?


Best and effective Diet plan for losing weight daily:

Diet Plan making

You need to follow this diet plan for one month or 30 days. With the help of this diet plan, you will be going to lose 0.5 kg weight regularly.


  • Do the exercise for half an hour when you wake up. It is essential in maintaining your body.
  • After that, start your day with fruit or fruit juice. Do not take tea, coffee, and milk at the start of the day. Make sure that you prefer homemade juice.
  • Wait for half an hour. In your breakfast time, eat one plate of fruits instead of eating a heavy breakfast.
  • Near about 10–11 am, is usually snack time. But it does not mean you will eat oily food. If you feel hungry, you can take green juice like spinach, mint, or so on.
  • In the afternoon, get the feeling of fullness by eating vegetables or salad. Consume one full plate of vegetables. It includes cucumber, tomato, and so on.
  • You can add the cheese to this afternoon plate but not daily. Additionally, if you want to add salt (rock salt) in it, you can, but make sure the quantity must be less.
  • After that, near about 3:00 am to 4:pm, take the dry fruits as per the quantity of your mist. Additionally, you can also prefer peanuts. Along with it, you can consume your favorite tea. Take 100 or 150 ml tea.
  • Apart from it, instead of your favorite tea, you can prefer green tea or herbal tea; both of these are effective for you. It is easy to make herbal tea at your home.
  • Now in the evening time, you are free to choose any food. You can eat whatever you want but do not forget about the quantity. Avoid junk food and prefer homemade light food. By eating this, you will feel energetic.
  • Once you are done with your favorite food, go for a walk at least for twenty to twenty-five minutes on the terrace. After completing the walk, you can take the green tea.
  • If you are still feeling hungry, you can consume the fruits.

This is a whole diet plan weight lose that you need to follow for six days. Eat your breakfast, afternoon, and dinner. Further, for the next six days, follow the diet mentioned earlier and seven days to eat regular food. Additionally, on the seventh day, you can eat whatever you want.

In the end, to see the results, you need to follow accurate diet plans without any cheating. You will indeed observe the results within the week. So, it is essential to add a lot of fruit and vegetables to it.

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  1. Prabha jain
    July 1, 2023

    I’m doing 5kg in 3 days plan. Today is 2nd day. Hope I loose weight.

    1. July 6, 2023

      yes you will

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