All About Teeth Whitening & Oral Hygiene: 1 Of The Best Way

Teeth whitening: It is said that when you wear a smile, you are completely dressed. Yes, you have to wear clothes too. But apart from that, a smile is the best accessory that you can wear for yourself. Smile not only makes your day but also of those who meet throughout the day.


Isn’t it? Sun, sunflower, honey, turmeric, what’s common in them? All are yellow and beautiful as well, yes or no? What if this yellow is accompanied by your smile? Yellow yellow dirty fellow. But we won’t let that happen with your smile.

Today I will be talking about the yellowness in our teeth.



  • What are the reasons for yellow teeth?
  • How can we avoid it?
  • What all remedies can you follow to have the most wonderful smile for yourself?

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In today’s blog, I will be talking about a very important topic. I am talking about what to do and what not to do. I am pretty sure that you will get an idea about your oral hygiene. What you can do and what should be avoided.

And I would like to request everybody that prevention is much much better than cure this thing. Because once your teeth become yellow, it is very difficult to get rid of them. That is why avoid this scenario.

How to avoid this?


Number 1:

Reduce the consumption of caffeine. And even if you consume tea/coffee or any other beverage then it is important to rinse your mouth properly. If you will take care of these things then your teeth will be prevented from getting stained.

Number 2:

Regulate sugar. If you consume sugar or eat a lot of sweets then also there is a high chance that your teeth can become yellow. It will happen sooner or later, so regulate it from now onwards.

Number 3:

Not consuming a protein and calcium-rich diet. Can cause a deficiency in your body which is reflected in your teeth. Leading to discoloration or staining of your teeth. So do regulate this also.

If you want your body to be internally strong, teeth to be in good health, and remain white always. Also, there is no substitute for brushing and flossing. Watch as many hacks as you want

It is very important to maintain hygienic conditions properly. That is why brushing and flossing are important. There can be many reasons why your teeth look yellow.

Why do your teeth look yellow?


First Reason:

Such as age, The enamel coating on our teeth tends to reduce gradually with age. The second layer called Dentin is naturally yellow, is exposed and our teeth look yellow.

Second reason:

The second reason could be smoking. You need to abandon this thing very soon.

Third reason:

Number 3 is tobacco. If you consume tobacco then it is really bad for your health as well as your teeth, so abandon it completely.

Fourth reason:

Number 4 could be the intake of any kind of chemicals which means medicines. Some medicines carry out some reactions in your body which can lead to discoloration of teeth. Not only it makes your teeth yellow but also sometimes darkens the teeth.

Teeth look greyish-black, so that could be a reason which means your body is not comfortable with that medicine.

Fifth reason:

The fifth reason could be trauma. If your body has been through any kind of trauma such as COVID. So the hormones released in such cases affect oral health and lead to discoloration of your teeth.

Also if you have Bruxism, some people have the habit of grinding teeth while awake or asleep. But grinding your teeth tends to crack them. In which food particles tend to accumulate which ultimately discolor your teeth.

Understand all these reasons properly and if any one of them is your reason then take care of that. So that they don’t cause much trouble to you in the long run.

Now let us talk about teeth whitening measures.

Teeth whitening measures

If we would like to categorize all the teeth whitening methods then there are 4 methods of teeth whitening.

First method:


The very first one is Cosmetics Dentistry Treatments. When you go to the dentist your teeth look white due to certain chemical treatments or laser treatment. They get better and stains are also removed.

We call these Dentist Administered Programs. You can avail of these also. I would insist such people who already have an issue with their teeth visit a dentist. Other issues than discoloration, issues in their gums, receding gums in which gums come down and teeth are exposed more.

If you have any of these issues then I would request you to visit a dentist. Educate yourself about the methods, pros, and cons, and do it for yourself.

DIY remedies seem very easy and convenient but if used in the wrong way and at the wrong place. Then it can become severe also. If you have any other issues then do visit your dentist.

Second method:

The second method could be using the kit given by your dentist to be used at home after the examination. You are given a paste and a mold in which you fill the paste and sleep overnight while wearing them.

Then you remove it in the morning and brush your teeth properly, it is a kind of bleach for your teeth.

Third method:

Number 3: Over the Counter Measures. If you visit a pharmacy and ask for a teeth whitening kit or teeth bleach kit. There are many kits available having a tube and a mold. You fill the paste in a mold and you wear it in your teeth.

Many times a foil is given instead of mold, so you have to wear that foil on your teeth. You keep it overnight or for the time mentioned and then you rinse off your mouth. And your teeth become white.

But please make sure that you do not overdo anything. Because it has certain elements which can corrode your enamel coating on over-usage. That is why I am saying to all the college-going children as they are very cautious about their appearance.

They wish to try these measures out, they even try these out and regret them later. So be alert beforehand and be prevented from doing any such stupidity.

Fourth method:

The fourth and the most awaited method is your DIY remedies. I am sharing a few DIY remedies with you which I have tried myself and found useful. You do not have to try all of them.

Choose any one method and follow it religiously which I will be telling you how to follow. What should be the frequency to have the best results for yourself?

DIY remedies:


First Remedy:

So let’s start with our first DIY remedy and that is oil pulling. It is such an important topic. Oil pulling helps maintain your entire oral hygiene. May it is saliva, tongue cleaning, teeth cleaning, crevices, gum, whatever might be the issue, oil pulling can do wonders.

Not only oral hygiene but it has been proved that oil pulling pulls out also the toxins in your body.

Which oil is best for oil pulling?

It is written in Ayurveda that oil pulling can be done with sesame oil or sunflower seeds oil. But they are not delicious and when you do oil pulling with them, your mouth feels very oily. And you can not even rinse as they are very thick.

So because coconut oil is a bit tasty and fragrant as well. And most important of all it has lauric acid which kills bacteria in your mouth. There is a formation of bacteria in your mouth naturally if you do not brush at night.

Take it in writing that you are going to face oral health issues sooner or later anyway if you do not brush at night. That is why lauric acid in coconut oil completely cleans the Streptococcus bacteria which creates so many problems. They are completely killed and your mouth is cleaned up.

How is it done?

Take a spoon full of coconut oil and take it in your mouth and start swooshing properly and circulate in the entire mouth. It’s okay even if the saliva mixes up. Let the oil and saliva get mixed up and swoosh properly so that oil touches every corner of every teeth.

It is said that technically this needs to be done for 15 minutes but it is difficult for 5 minutes also initially. You will find 15 minutes also very difficult. You know whatever it is. So practice it well, at first the timing will be very less and it will increase gradually up to 15 minutes as you do it day by day.

So after swooshing properly if the drainage gets choked with oil then spit it out in the pot. Then flush it or anything with whatever you are comfortable with. After that brush your teeth Understood? What happens with this?

Due to this, the bacteria of your mouth are killed, all the toxins in your body come out. Your salivary glands are activated early in the morning. And if you have any oral problem in your gums, in your saliva, in your teeth, in your tongue, wherever Solved.

Second Remedy:

DIY remedy number 2. For this, you need Hydrogen Peroxide only 1 to 3% and you need baking soda which is easily available on market. Take one part of baking soda and two parts of hydrogen peroxide. Please make sure that it is 1-3% only and not more than that.

Take this on a brush and brush your teeth properly with this. The benefit of using this is that you will notice a visible change in the stain of your teeth.

Negative point:

As it is touching your gums also, few people experienced slight sensitivity around the gums. Do not try this method more than twice a week. You can do oil pulling daily, no issues But this method needs to be done twice a week only and not more. Do not do any severe remedy.

After this, let your gums relax. If you experience sensitivity then this method is not for you.

Third Remedy:


DIY remedy number 3. For this, you need strawberry, pineapple, milk, cheese, broccoli, beautiful salad. And every possible thing in which you need to crunch, and your teeth need to work and they have lots of water. Yes, What is this remedy?

You have to eat them, it’s a remedy. This is an absolute remedy, whenever we call something a remedy there comes discipline. It has regularity and you can not break that. For a month, Eat water-based salads, pineapple, strawberries all these things by crunching them properly.

Chew them properly and eat them, yes and then see the magic Strawberry, pineapple naturally has malic acid which can completely clean your teeth. Many people brush their teeth using pineapple paste but I would not recommend you to brush using fruits and all.

If you will eat them properly for a month, then also you will notice the change. This does not mean you can have tea/coffee more often, not at all. If you are taking care of DO’S properly the take care of DON’TS as well.

Less caffeine content and more salads, fruits. Your smile will become so beautiful that you would love to smile more. You might be getting scolded but still, you will be smiling. This won’t happen.

Fourth Remedy:

DIY remedy number 4 is charcoal powder. If you have charcoal powder then make use of it. You can buy charcoal tablets from a nearby pharmacy. Crush them and use them along with your toothpaste and brush your teeth properly.

If you brush your teeth with charcoal in concentrated form with the help of your finger, The results are beautiful you look insane because your entire teeth set becomes black while doing this,

But as soon as you rinse your mouth, all the stains are completely washed off And your teeth are completely cleaned.

Fifth Remedy:

DIY remedy number 5. For this, you need Apple Cider Vinegar. Yes, Apple Cider Vinegar rinse will be prepared for your mouth. We did this for our hair Apple Cider Vinegar is an acid and bacteria and germs can not survive in acid.

That is why if you use Apple Cider Vinegar. If you have taken a cup of water then take a spoon full of Apple Cider Vinegar And swoosh your mouth properly with these and you just spit it out. Do this with the entire cup, once you do it after that rinse your mouth slightly and leave it as it is.

And that’s it. But you can’t do this more than once a week because it is acidic. Those who have sensitivity in teeth will feel it more. Those who have sensitivity in teeth do not use this. Those who have healthy teeth but have stains can use it once a week and you can make the most out of it.

So this was all about your oral hygiene, teeth, and beautiful smile. Read about all of these DIY remedies, understand them, and then decide for yourself which one you are going to try.

Be very very positive while you try out that remedy. You are bound to get results if you try this remedy with all the positivity and faith. Do share the results with us after you try out our remedies. So that others could also learn from your confidence and try out for themselves as well.

I am getting all of your lovely comments. I am waiting for more lovely comments. Do not forget to like and share the blog.

Take care of yourself, be happy and stay safe.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is having yellow teeth unattractive?

Yes, if you want to look attractive then you have to take good care of your oral health.

Can baking soda whiten teeth?

Yes, but too much use of baking soda can cause many problems.

Are yellow teeth healthy?

Maybe. You should maintain your diet and take care of your oral health.

Are yellow teeth attractive?

Not at all. Yellow teeth are less attractive than white.

How can I whiten my teeth quickly?

Take good care of your oral hygiene.

Can yellow teeth become white?

Yes, it’s easy with chemical treatments and home remedies.

Which teeth are the strongest?

Molars: Molars are the biggest and strongest teeth in your mouth. Molars are 12 in counting.


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