Deltoid Exercises

5 Best Deltoid Exercises at home with/ without equipment

When you start going to the gym, you quickly get familiar with core day, oft-dreaded leg day, or arm day. But in my opinion, you don’t often hear about shoulder day. So, if you are looking for well-rounded, more robust, and bold muscles, then don’t Miss the Deltoid exercises workout.

Everyone knows that the shoulder plays an essential role in nearly every upper body exercise. That means you need to target all three muscles of the shoulder for a well-defined deltoid. Hence, the best approach is doing one exercise for every single muscle.

No doubt, deltoid exercise at home doesn’t sound much exciting doing the gym, but they are critical, so they need to be included in an everyday workout routine. This exercise not only offers a coveted shape to your shoulder. Instead, it will also provide the strength to do several challenging exercises. Apart from that, deltoid exercises by offering strong muscles prevent the individual from injuries and improve posture.

So, if you want to know more about deltoid muscles and their exercises, this article will help you know everything.

What are deltoids or deltoids muscles?

Deltoids or you can say delts are the large muscles of the shoulder that wrap around them by covering your upper arms. They offer the arms around and triangular shape. Moreover, they are also attached by tendons to the three main skeletal structures: the collarbone, the upper arm bone, and the shoulder blade.

Apart from that, these deltoids also have three sets of fibers, also called heads of the deltoids. These three sets of fibers are named anterior deltoids, posterior deltoids, and the middle deltoid is also known as the front, side, and rear delts.

Deltoid muscles anatomy

Mainly, there are three deltoid muscles of the shoulder. They are: –


This deltoid muscle you will find in the front of the shoulder comes to work when the shoulder pushes up and forward.

Apart from that, they also come into work when pressing, pulling or when doing arc motion.


Lateral muscles are located in the middle, also called side deltoids. This muscle is the most significant muscle among all others and gets activated during the shortest movement. Various middle delt exercises help the shoulders to be strong and stable.


The position of this muscle is the back of the shoulder, which is also known as rear deltoids. When an individual makes any of the backward shoulder motions, this posterior muscle gets activated.

Why are deltoid exercises essential for the shoulder?

There are several benefits of deltoid exercises for the shoulders, according to experts. The reason is that an upper body, or the core exercises, involves the movement of the shoulders. So, if you strengthen those delts, it will automatically enhance the overall strength and the ability to do various other workouts. Apart from that, it will also help you to improve your posture, feel sexier, prevent many injuries, and not the least feel confident.

Another benefit of doing deltoid exercises is injury prevention. These deltoid exercises will prevent the individual from many injuries.

Best deltoid exercises with or without equipment 

Deltoid Exercises

Dumbbell upright row

This is a front deltoid exercise with dumbbells which you will start by holding a pair of dumbbells in both hands. Next, rest the dumbbells in front of your thighs, having a neutral grip. Now, slowly bend your elbows by lifting both the dumbbells simultaneously in the vertical direction. You have to do this until they come in front of your collarbones. Make sure the elbows of the individual point towards the ceiling.

After that, come back to your original position of front deltoid exercises.


Bent over lateral raise

This deltoid exercise dumbbell is for posterior muscles of the shoulder. For this exercise, the individual has to grab the dumbbells and then take a seat for the right efficiency. In this, the preferable seat is a workout bench. Initially, you have to bend forward at around 45 degrees while keeping your hands on the side so that the dumbbells will be in a hanging position.

Now, while keeping your back straight and arms slightly bent, try to pull the dumbbells at the side against the gravity. Hold the dumbbells at this position for at least a second or two. Finally, come back to your initial position.


Upright row to hip fly

This exercise for the shoulder targets the middle heads, the traps, and the biceps by which you can build your strength. For doing this, first, you have to stand while keeping feet hip-width apart with dumbbells in front of the thighs and palms facing you.

In this, you have to keep your chest up and core engaged. Try to lift the dumbbells upto your chin in an upright row. Ensure that you do not raise your elbow above the shoulder height. Now bring the arms down to your sides while bending your knees, pushing your hip back, and hinge forward in the flat back.

Apart from that, you also have to let your arms straight, keeping palms facing back. Now, keeping the arms straight and the shoulder blades pulled backward, try to raise the dumbbells behind you. Come to your initial position and repeat this exercise.



This is another classic bodyweight exercise that you will do in a standing position. First, you have to come to the push-up position while kicking your feet back and dropping your hands on the ground. Now, lower both chest and thighs towards the floor. After that, take a push-up while jumping your feet towards the hands. To get back to the initial position, press your palms on the ground. Now, immediately jump upward and clap overhead.


Face pull

The equipment you need to have for this exercise is a cable machine. To start the exercise, come to the kneeling position keeping both right and left foot forward in front of the equipment. Now grab handles of the machine with both hands but make sure the palms of your hands will face inward.

The next step is, pull the handle towards your face while drawing your hands apart at the side of the ears. Ensure that you squeeze and hold the contraction in slow motion while extending your arms back in the starting position.


Deltoid exercises

Assisted Pull Ups

Pull Ups are another effective exercise for the individual that people cannot do just because they don’t have upper body strength. This exercise not only works on your back instead but also helps the shoulder, biceps, and rear deltoids. However, to do this exercise, you need an assisted pullup machine.

You have to adjust the weight deduction from the side of the machine but make sure you will choose the correct amount and set. After that, climb on the kneepad and push it towards you until both knees are placed on it. Also, ensure that the knee must be a hip-width distance apart.

The next step is, holding the outer handles above you but make sure your palms will not face center. Now, try to extend your arms and make yourself comfortable at the starting position. Next, pull the body upwards so that the chin is level. Hold this position for a few seconds, and after that, lower yourself down in control.

In the beginning, do 6 to 9 reps, but after that, work up to 10 to 12 reps.


Deltoid Exercises

Rear Delt Fly

To do this exercise, you need dumbbells. Start this exercise by keeping your feet and shoulder-width apart. Now, hold the dumbbell in both hands, keeping palms inwards. Make sure the dumbbells will hang straight down from the shoulder.

Now, bend your hips in a forward direction keeping your chest parallel to the ground. Also, ensure that your back should be flat and the elbows slightly bent. The next step is, raising the arms out to the side, making them aligned with the body. Now, pause for a few seconds and come back to your starting position.


Deltoid exercise

Dumbbell Side Raise

Dumbbell side raises exercise for lateral deltoid, which will help these muscles be strong and in shape. For this, you have to pick your dumbbells and then stand straight while keeping your chest out and feet not less or more than shoulder apart.

After that, lift the dumbbells on the side while keeping both arms slightly bent. Hold this position for a few seconds. Next, slowly come to the initial position.


Deltoid Exercises-9

Arnold Press

Next on our list is Arnold Press. The first step of this exercise is keeping your feet and hip-width apart while holding the dumbbells at shoulder height. Also, ensure that they must be in front of the torso keeping the palms facing the body.

Concurrently, press these dumbbells over the head and try to rotate the wrists externally. Ensure that while rotating the wrists over the head, the palms must be facing forward.


Deltoid exercise

T Push-Up

You have to start this workout in a high push-up position. Now, lower the body until the chest reaches near the ground. Next, push back up and, at that time, rotate one side of the body in an upward position while raising the arms towards the ceiling.

Keep this position for a few seconds, and come back to the original position. Change the side next time when you do this workout.


So, these are some of the deltoid exercises for mass shoulders that will be very helpful in maintaining the overall strength of the body. The reason is that deltoid muscles are the essential part that plays a critical role in everybody’s movement. But make sure you do any of the exercises with proper precautions.

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