Thigh and Leg Fat

4 Best Exercises to reduce Thigh and Leg Fat

The excess of thigh and leg fat restrict you from wearing the coolest and trendy jeans. It is because when you wear the sin-fit clothes, your thigh-fat is highlighted. Further, it leads to embarrassment too, mainly when you are in social gatherings.

It is a fact that if you have an excess of thigh fat, your choice regarding the bottom is limited. It revolves around loose trousers. Do you think that loose trousers suit every cloth? The answer is not. Undoubtedly, you have the customized dress.

However, these kinds of dresses also demand the slim body. So, now what to do?


Do not stress about your excess of thigh and leg fat. The reason is that there are several exercises which you can perform at your home. These kinds of activities do not require any heavy equipment. All you need is time and good energy to do the exercise.

So, here is the list of best exercises for thigh and leg fat. Make sure that before performing the below-mentioned exercises, you need to do a warm-up. Let’s start with the four movements:


  1. Exercise-1


 In this exercise, open the legs as much as you can. Make sure that you keep your leg straight. If you are not able to keep your leg straight, you can slightly bend the legs. Raise your hands and lean towards the right side, then the left side. Do not raise your leg while doing this exercise. Bend from the side but do not stretch too much. Perform this exercise for twenty minutes.


  • Exercise-2 


Your position will be the same as in exercise one that is to open your legs. Further, raise the hand and lean forward. Keep your back straight and bend in the forward direction. Perform this exercise ten to twenty times. Make sure that you complete the two sets.

One set= 10 times

Two set= 20 times


  • Exercise-3


Hold your hand together to perform the third exercise, and position will be the same as in exercise two. Move your hand side to side. Repeat this exercise twenty times.

It is the most straightforward exercise that you can do without facing any problem. First, move your hand to the right and then to the left. After doing this exercise, you will indeed feel relax and observe the results. It takes time but adding this exercise to your daily routine gives you plenty of benefits.


  • Exercis-4 


Sit straight and open your legs as per your capability. Keep your hands free and relax. Swing or move your hand firstly in the right direction, then in the left path. Make sure that your hands are not so stretched. It would be best if you kept your hand free and relaxed.

Do not take the exercise as a burden but enjoy all the exercises. You will surely get the positive response after doing all these exercises. In addition to that, keep the one thing in your mind: perform this exercise twenty times.

Initially, you may feel pain or tiredness in the body, but you will become habitual of this after some time.

General Instructions for Thigh and Leg fat Exercise :


  • Keep your legs straight and open
  • Keep your hand free and swing smoothly in the fourth exercise
  • Bend your back in the forward direction
  • Keep your back straight

So, these are some general instructions you need to follow while doing this exercise. With the help of this exercise, you get your slim waist. What is better than it?

In the end, these are the best exercises to get rid of thigh fat. With the help of these exercises, you get a positive response. After doing this exercise, come back to the relaxed position.


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