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1 Month Diet Plan To Lose Full Body Fat : Best Healthy Diet Plan

I will tell you the magical diet plan for this month. I said magical because it’s a special diet and will decrease your fat, you may have heard many diet plans to reduce the fatness, but the diseases you already have, for what your health isn’t okay and you have been fat, many more problems and issues you have, no one guarantee which plan will work for you. I called it magical because you will lose fat 100% sure, you can note it, also any problem you have and you are taking medicines for years for that, will also be cured if you follow this diet as I tell you.

How To Follow This Diet Plan:

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You can give it a trial of 7 days if you can’t believe me, you will know then. Let’s know-how is the diet and how to follow this diet. Going to tell you a magical diet, if you don’t believe that it will lose fatness as well as whether this will cure the diseases then watch after following for 7 days. It’s quite simple, anyone can follow, whether you attend office, hold any other job, you are a lady, it becomes a problem if ladies attend any job outside, as they need to manage cooking and all other things.

The Best Diet Plan for Weight Loss:

It’s a very simple diet, even can be given to kids if any kid is over weighted. Many kids have excess weight. Their mothers feel worried about how to make them fit. So this is a very good diet. No scarcity will come, you may think kids will be weak or height may not increase, or about other problems. Nope, it’s safe for all. Safe for from kids to the old.

Morning To Noon Diet Plan:

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First, you must know What is diet? Diet is something like(from the start) when you wake up in the morning, you must drink water, as usual, then you be fresh and do some walking or do other exercises or don’t. When it’s time for breakfast, you have to eat fruits that you have at home, any fruit like seasonal or other fruits, eat fruits at breakfast time.

Don’t think you already know it, it’s a new one, so eat fruits being relaxed, eat any fruits or any much, eat whatever you get. Then, carry vegetables with you if you are going out. In the home eat any vegetable raw like carrot, radish in the form of salads at 10 -11 am.

You will be hungry again after 2- 3 hours. We be hungry fast eating fruits. Eat salads that time like carrot or anything you like. Eat fruits in the morning, don’t take tea. If you have the habit of tea then 1 hour after or later of eating fruits, don’t take tea with fruits and vegetables, either 1 hour before or later.  You can take in between that up to 100 to 150 ml. Not more than that. Not like full of glass.

Tea must be with sweet less or little. Better you don’t use sugar. Instead use jaggery powder, now at 10 or 11 am, you will eat salads, now what for the lunch? It’s winter and peanuts are available but we don’t eat that thinking of weight increases. Peanuts have good fat but we don’t eat thinking this will increase weight, so we can’t taste it.

Eat peanuts in lunch with jaggery. Because you won’t eat bread. You eat bread in every season. You eat bread 3 times each day, each season, sometimes give them a break. God has gifted us peanuts in winter, we should taste it. It has many nutrients, you should give it a chance to go in your body. It has good fat, won’t increase cholesterol, also have many nutrients in it, take the benefit of peanuts, it has protein.

Eat 2 full fists of peanuts. Eat that much and eat jaggery with that. Don’t take much of jaggery, take less of it. Don’t eat jaggery much as you didn’t eat bread. Eat within the limit. Eat enough to meet your hunger. Don’t eat bread after that. Eat peanuts and jaggery in the lunch. If you are in the south India region and you won’t get peanuts there, or you are in Mumbai or where peanuts can’t be collected easily.

Then take raw peanuts and eat soaking in water. Eat a full fist of peanuts soaking in water. If you don’t have raw peanuts, take a sprout made of moong dal. Take moong dal sprout with tomato, onions in it. If you don’t want sprout then eat fried chickpeas with jaggery.

One fist of chickpeas with jaggery in the lunch but not bread. You can choose one option among these. You can eat makhana, raisins if you don’t want any of the above, or take dry fruits mixing all them whatever you have. Take less if you take dry fruits, take more if it’s peanuts. Good fat must go in you.

Evening Diet Plan:


At 3- 4 pm, take tea if you have a habit. You may take green tea if you don’t take tea, also can take coffee up to 100 -150 ml. After that, eat salads in the evening before making dinner. Eat salads like 2- 3 pieces of carrot, 1- 2 radish. Eat as much as you like but eat for sure. You have to make it a habit, so eat for sure.

If you can’t eat raw vegetables, I will provide the recipe for how you can cook the salads. Don’t cook fully, the recipe will be found on my Youtube channel, eat salads in that way, which will be beneficial to you. Prepare what you like in the dinner like rice, pulse but avoid outdoor foods like burgers, pizza, or bread, avoid those as well as sugar-containing foods.

Avoid these foods and eat whatever is cooked in your home with less oil. Eat in the way you feel comfortable, not like eating meeting your hunger. Then relax for 10 minutes and walk for 20 minutes. Walk for 20 minutes in your home or on the roof in a usual way, drink 1 cup of milk means 200 mL if you have the habit, without sugar, and remember to remove the cream.

You can take herbal tea. You can take that, quite good for losing weight. You can take green tea if you don’t like herbal tea. You can take anything that you like but within a limit and then you can sleep. Follow the same diet and foods the next day. Up to 1 month. This diet will surely decrease your weight whether you follow it for 15 days or 7 days.

Again, if you are taking medicines for diabetes, BP, or PCOD for a long time, thyroid, or for any skin problem, then if you follow this diet once in 10 to 15 days, check before taking medicines again. That issue may be normal and no need to take extra medicine.

So, follow this diet and check the issues again, no need to take extra medicines. Because this diet will cure those issues. This will cure everything you have, whether that is skin-related or others. All problems will be cured following this diet. So, follow this if you want to be slim and to cure all problems.

If you have weakness, that will be gone and your energy level will increase enough and you will not be tired working full day. You feel heavy, but following this, you will feel free and will feel like doing everything.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is rice good for weight loss?

White rice appears to be neither detrimental nor favorable for weight loss.

What foods help burn belly fat?

When the ankle pain is not getting fine with home-made treatment, then it is recommended to consult the doctor with below symptoms persists: –

What are the types of diet?

  • Raw food diet
  • Vegetarian diet
  • Ketogenic diet
  • Atkins diet
  • The Zone diet
  • South Beach diet
  • Weight Watchers diet

What exercises burns the most belly fat?

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Push-ups
  • Squat
  • Plank
  • Crunch
  • Sit-ups
  • Jumping

How can I lose weight in 7 days at home?

  1. Drink enough water
  2. Eat green vegetables
  3. Avoid sugary foods
  4. Reduce your stress level
  5. Follow the diet plan

Does jeera water reduce weight?

Yes, Jeera Water is known to boost metabolism and burn fat.


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