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Magical Weight Loss Drink : Lots of Benefits in 1 Drink

Weight loss drink: I am going to tell you about a special drink. Special because neither we will call it tea, nor coffee, not even green tea, that is something else. You don’t have to buy anything from anywhere.

You will get all these in your home. This weight loss drink is very tasty and good enough that if you drink once, you will wish to drink more and more.

What benefits it will give to you?

First, notice any fatty person. At the starting tummy comes out first when the tummy comes out people become anxious and start thinking about decreasing the tummy and about being slim.

Fatness is seen by our belly. People who have not that much fat belly and are healthy, don’t seem to be fat and others don’t tease them. When our belly starts to come out others start to tease and laugh at us also advise us to do something or say to eat less food.

Why the belly comes out?


When our digest doesn’t be well and we eat anything not good, gas starts to form in the stomach. When gas stores, the skin of the belly starts swelling. We all know that nothing is important. If gas stores in our stomach, food is not digested properly then the belly starts coming out. What to do? The drink I am going to tell you that will remove your gas first and the undigested food will be digested.

It will make your digestive system strong. This is a very good weight loss drink to make your digestive system strong and you will feel it when you will drink it.

It will be effective to decrease your belly, anyone can drink this even child. Children eat unhealthy food outside and feel pain many times. Then you can apply, it will remove the pain instantly. If anyone feels pain frequently due to gas in the stomach it will recover that too, gas will be thrown out. Sometimes you have a lot of food in your home and you have eaten much, drink this after 30 minutes of eating, everything will be digested and the pain will also be cured slowly.

If you drink coffee after every meal, stop this, it may harm you, if you need to drink coffee, drink once a day. Use milk in that, use rock candy this won’t harm you but if you drink much coffee may lead you to the problem. This is up to you, drinking or not.



Recipe To Make Weight Loss Drink:


Now talk about your weight loss drink. We will know how to prepare it. First, take a cup of water, I suggest a cup because this is like medicine, don’t take excess, like you have taken one glass and drink. So, prepare and take this as medicine, sometimes you start to take increasing more than needed or take more, which harms. If used as medicine, that won’t harm.

Take one cup of water, pour some ginger, the perfect quantity for a cup of water put a little spoon of Ajwain, one clove, and one cardamom. One piece of cardamom is enough for a cup. Don’t use tea leaves if you don’t want them, but if you want to color in drink, then use very little. Boil it for 1 minute.

Filter the drink. Now, mix one spoon of honey in it, honey should not be cooked in heat, use after filtering. One spoon is enough in one cup. Use little lemon, not much, use like 10 -15 drops. Don’t make it too sour, that makes it less tasty. We have to make and take this drink as medicine.

The drink is prepared. Make this drink and drink, how you feel, and what effects create on your stomach? And how it makes you feel getting into your stomach whether it will be digested or not. You will see it just after drinking it. Just after one drink, this will show its effect.

I have told you about what you use in the weight loss drink and how to make it. You can take this after breakfast or if you have a habit of tea, you can use them too. You can give it to the child too if they have eaten much and feel pain.

They will feel better. Take 1 or 2 times a day and must comment how you feel after drinking. Whether it works or

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I just fat in my belly?

main reasons of fat in the belly area are:

  • poor diet 
  • lack of exercise
  • stress

What are the 5 foods that burn belly fat??

Does walking reduce belly fat?

Yes, walking helps you in losing weight. After 7 days of walking, you can check your belly and see the results.

What exercises burns the most belly fat?

  • Push-ups
  • Squat
  • Plank
  • Crunch

How can I reduce my tummy?

  1. Drink enough water
  2. Eat green vegetables
  3. Avoid sugary foods
  4. Reduce your stress level

Can I lose belly fat in 7 days?

Yes, you can lose belly fat in 7 days by doing exercises or eating high-fiber food. Eating high levels of fiber can reduce the risk of weight gain.

What can I drink to lose weight fast?

  1. Drink enough water
  2. Coconut water
  3. ​Green tea and mint
  4. lemon drink


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