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Only 1 technique to lose Thigh fat, Hip fat & Belly fat

Either you have high thigh fat, hip fat or belly fat, it puts an impact on your personality. You can understand it with the simple example: if you have thigh or hip fat, you may find the problem in choosing the fitting jean for you. On the other hand, the person with belly fat cannot wear fit skin dresses.

It is because, in the skin fit-dress, each part of the body gets highlighted. As a result, a woman feels embarrassed. Now, not all women have time to go to the gym and perform exercises. You may be one of them who does not want to spend money on the gym.

The central point is that: what is a technique for them, by which they can say no to the entire body fat?

Do not stress about your hip, belly, and thigh fat because the below-mentioned information will reduce your stress and your fat.

This technique is named crow walking

If you have a problem sitting for a long time, you need to avoid this exercise. Additionally, by considering the proper diet, you can get rid of the problem of stiffness. Let’s learn how to do crow walking:


For the first one week:




  1. Initially, if you have a huge tummy, first focus on sitting posture, as shown in the image. You need to practice this particular sitting posture for at least ten seconds. If you want to take a rest, get back to your normal position. Do twice in one day.




  1. Once you are habitual of this sitting posture, further touch your left knee to the ground. Start moving ahead. In another step, touch your right knee to the ground, then take one action further.
  2. Now you get knowledge about how to walk. You can walk on the ground, mat, or the bed. Additionally, you can perform the crow waking for ten to twenty seconds. After that, increase the time of the walk.
  3. By this exercise, you may experience pressure on your tummy. It is like massaging your intestine.


In the second week: 

The position or walk will be identical, but the time limit will be increased. Now you need to complete the three sets of this exercise.



Now there is a slight change in the sitting habit of this walk. While maintaining this sitting posture, take a deep breath. All you need to do is inhale by the nose and exhale by the mouth.



Walk without touching the ground. It means you do not need to connect your knee to the ground. Initially, if you face a problem walking with joining knees, you can open your legs a little bit. The time limit of performing this exercise is ten to twenty seconds.

Over time, you can exceed the time limit. Do not forget to take a rest while doing the exercise. After completing the one set or for twenty seconds, take the rest. Further, start the second set.

Along with doing the exercise, you have to pay attention to your diet too.


Benefits of this technique:

There are several benefits associated with doing this walk daily. Here come the benefits.


  1. Reduce the thigh fat
  2. Lessen the tummy fat
  3. Lose the hip fat
  4. Get rid of the problem of constipation problem
  5. Say no to the elevated tummy

In the end, with the help of the information mentioned earlier, you get knowledge about how to perform cow-walking exercises. You will surely see the result in the short time. First, do practice of maintaining the sitting posture; work on doing this exercise.


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