weight loss with milk tea

Weight Loss With Milk Tea: 1 Cup Of This Tea (Everyday)

Do you know that you can lose fat with milk tea? Generally, you will not believe in this weight loss remedy.The reason is that from the initial day’s majority of fitness-freak listen; they will gain weight because of the milk tea. On the other, some people have questions in their mind that include:

  • Is milk tea is good for the child?
  • Should other drink tea who does not like it?
  • What are the merits of drinking milk tea?

These are some general questions that strike your mind regarding milk tea.However, there is nothing wrong with it because most of the masses have this dilemma. Let’s discuss it.

Milk Tea

  • Keep the one thing in your mind that tea is not harmful.
  • But, do not drink the milk tea if you have an empty stomach.

It comes with various merits. Even if you have the motive of weight loss,you can do this by drinking milk tea. You can give tea to the kids too. Additionally, you will get a skin glow too. So, there are several things to consider:

  • Do not drink tea immediately after waking up.
  • It is because, in the morning time, your body is in detox form. The body wants to throw out the dirt.
  • In the morning time, the body fills with the acidic liquid that we need to clean.
  • To clean it, you must require water. Drink the warm water in the morning, not tea. But you can take the tea with the breakfast.
  • If you are habitual drinking tea, you can take tea the once or twice a day.

Weight loss with Milk Tea: Recipe

weight loss tea

It is a fact that in India, the masses give preference to full milk tea. Further, they add raw sugar and tea to it. Boiling  tea for a longer time leads to the poison for sure. Additionally, it will harm you for sure and your health. To avoid this situation:

Recipe to make tea

  • Boil tea in the water, not directly in the milk, but not boil it for long.
  • After that, add the milk to less than half. Do not add the sugar before adding the milk.
  • Tea works as an anti-oxidants inside the body. If you boil tea using sugar and boil it in the milk leads to harm.
  • Further, you add ginger to it. You can use jaggery powder instead of sugar. You can add cardamom, fennel seeds, or bay leaf. It will be fruitful for you.
  • If you consume the anti-oxidant in the body, it works on improving blood circulation. It also enhances the level of oxygen in the body. As a result, you will feel more energetic.
  • When you feel low, you can drink tea and feel refreshed and energetic.
  • If you eat a plate of fruits and vegetables, there is nothing harmful in drinking 2-3 cups of tea in one day.
  • Drink tea without sugar.

Milk Tea

Benefits of Milk tea

Tea helps maintain the balance between minerals. Tea helps in getting thrown the excess of mineral via the urine and stools. It works on keeping your gut healthy. If the amount the Glutathione increases in the Intestine, the skin becomes fair. Tea is fruitful in increasing that amount. Make sure that to make the tea accurately.

Give the tea one to two times your time.

When they are done with their studies, you can give them one cup of tea. Further, they will feel more energetic. There is no problem in providing one cup of tea to your child. But boil the water, then add tea and add milk. Further, add the jaggery powder. So, these are the essential facts that are associated with drinking tea. All you need to do is replace the sugar with the jaggery powder. So, I hope you liked the Milk Tea, don’t forget to like and share the blog. Avoid Bubble tea because bubble tea contain so much sugar. Just take 1 Cup of this tea instead of bubble tea and then see the results.

What is Tea milk, That is in taiwan as it.

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